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Creamy Spinach and Roasted Garlic Dip
10 oz. sauteed spinach
Misxed with cream Cheese,
Heavy cream, roasted garlic and artichikoe hearts. Topped with Gruyere Cheese and bread crumbs and baked.
What is the Creamy Spinach and Roasted garlic dip served with?
Served with EVO brushed grilled pita slices.
What Kind of bread crumbs on the Creamy Spinach Dip?
Japanese Panco Bread crumbs
What would you compare Gruyere cheese too?
Dry Swiss.
How many Crab Cakes and what's there weight?
Two 3 Oz. crab cakes.
What's Inside the crab cakes?
The crab cakes are made from a blue crab mixture that includes jumbo lump and claw meat, mayonaise, lemon juice, Japanese panko bread crumbs, garlic, green onion, red peppers and Old Bay seasoning.
What is Old Bay Seasoning comparable too?
It's like a special paprika.
The crab cakes are served with a citrus remoulade. What's in this Citrus remoulade?
It's made of mayonaise, mustard, gherkins lemon and lime juice.
Colossal Shrimp Cocktail.
How many shrimp and what kind of shrimp?
4 tail on U/12 shrimp.
What is a U/12 Shrimp?

U/12 =
12 shrimp to the pound
What is the Colossal Shrimp cocktail shrimp cooked in?
It is cooked in a combination of pickling spices and fresh citrus juice.
What is the Colossal Shrimp Cocktail served with?
It is served with a lightly infused chipotle horseradish cocktail sauce.
How many Mussels are served with the steamed P.E.I. mussels?
12 - 14 count per dish.
What does P.E.I stand for?
Prince Edward Island
How are the PEI steamed mussels prepared?
They are pan steamed in a mixture of white wine, garlic, shallotsm fresh diced tomatoes, butter, lemon juice and parsley.
What is a shallot like?
Its similiar to a cross between an onion and a garlic.
Stuffed Peppers. What kind, what color and how many peppers are used?
3 Green Hungarian Banana Peppers.
What are the stuffed peppers stuffed with?
They are stuffed with cream cheese, mild Italian Sausage, brioche bread crumbs and garlic.
How and what are the stuffed pepeprs cooked in?
They are seared in olive oil.
What is brioche bread crumbs?
They are sweet bread crumbs.
what is the weight of the Golden calamari?
10 oz.
How is the golden calamari prepared?
It is soaked in butter milk and corn meal and Old Bay Crusted.
How is the Golden Calamari cooked?
It is deep fried to a golden brown.
Can you get thte calamari grilled?
Why is the calamari soaked in buttermilk?
To tenderize it.
The Golden Calamari is served with a Dijon honey dice poblano aioli. What is the aioli?
Garlic and oil.
Smoked salmon. How many oz. and is it hot or cold?
4 oz. of cold smoked salmon.
How is the smoked salmon served?
It is served cold and thinly sliced.
What is served with the smoked salmon?
It is served with diced red onion, cooked egg whites and yokes, capers and horse radish.
What is the smoked salmon served with?
It is served with bread crisps.
What is the Iced Seafood Tower?
4 - U/12 shrimp
1/2 pound of king crab legs,
6 oz. sliced chilled lobster tail,
4 oz. smoked mussels,
4 oz. smoked salmon
What are the thre sauces that come with the Iced seafood tower?
cocktail sauce,
citrus remoulade,
and honey Dijon aioli.
What is the iced seafood tower served on?
Crushed Ice.