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# of commercial theatre venues
tourist industry
What succeeds on broadway?
-musicals (20 musicals 9 plays)
-musicals based on movies
-revival of play that has been successful in past
-movies turned into musicals
Off Broadway
-more experiemental
-smaller venues
-peppered around NY/manhattan area
Off off broadway
-very traditional, more experiemental
-ran by student and theatre groups
-shakespeare and freaky shit
-cafe la mama, the living theatre, the wooster group
-big in 60s
What broadway offers today
-shakespeare, drama
-CATS, drama
-no comedy
-musicals: beauty and the beast, lion king, fiddler on the roof, avenue Q
Regional Theatre
-develops new artists, plays, playwrights, and audiences
-source for broadway
-highest quality theatre
-provies work for pros
-cbus has Catco
-non commercial
Cleavland Playhouse
oldest regional theater in U.S.
Important funding for regional theatre
-ford foundation
-rockefeller foundation
-national endowment for the arts, gov. funded
-Ohio Arts council
College/University theatre
educates new audiences for theatre, educates and trains young artists/playwrights, source of plays for professional theatre
high school theatre
-conservative b/c of PTA
-Our Town most produced
community theatre
people w/ outside day jobs, very active
Children's Theatre
-puppets, music, fairy tales
-to encourage kids to use imagination
-2 kinds, performed by adults for kids and performed by kids for kids
-educational outreach
Senior Theatre
-vibrant culture
-ran by senior citizens and women
-celebrate life experiences
Outdoor drama
-tourist oriented