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Routine Sheet
Contains as much of the actual dialouge and action as can be prepared.
Information interview
Usually an information-oriented public-service program.
Entertainment Interview
Dialouge may be prepared by guests writers, the star's writers, and/or the producer's writers.
Women and minority programs
Can be consciousness-raising tools for both men and women.
Rundown Sheet
A detailed list of all sequences in the program with the elapsed time where known.
Personality interview
This is the human intrest, feature story interview.
News Interview
The interviewee can provide direct factual material, deliver information, oriented toward a cause or purpose, or combine with personal belief.
Structual elements of an interview
Establish the setting; create a rising action.
Opinion Interview
Concentrates on beliefs.
Interview formats
Prepared completley; oriented aroung an outline (extemporaneous); or ad-lib.
Panel discussion
A roundtable exchange of ideas on a topic of intrest.
Technique of interview writing
Double check all the facts; be specific with questions; know probable answers.
Identify the four sources of motivation ingredients, out of each which the ideas plays can be developed
-an event of happening
-a theme
-a character
-a backround
Seven Classic components of play structure
Unity of action or impression is created with all elements in a play relate in a thorough and consistent fashion to all the other elements in realizing the playwright's purpose
The play's plot structure is based on complication, or conflict, arising from the individual's or group's relationship to some other force, a conflict that should not be presented until the final scene
False, should be presented as soon possible with the play.
The play's climax, or turning point, occurs at the instant the conflicting forces meet head on and a change occurs to or in at least one of them - the moment at which the play can end
Real life is empathetic, wheras drama must be unempathetic.
False, real life, unempathetic - drama, empathetic
The point of attack in a television play is a conflict.
The television and radio play follow the same plot structure in this order: exposition, complications, a conflict, a climax, and if necessary, a resolution
False, exposition, conflict, complications, and climax.
The three primary ingrediants of a play are character, plot, and setting
False, not setting, dialouge.
Plot is the prime mover of the action and determines character and dialouge
Character is delineated most effectivley by what the person does at the moment of crises
Characters in both television and radio plays must follow these principles: they must be consistant with themselves, motivate the plot, be copies of real-life persons, and interact with eachother
Dialouge must conform to the character's personality, be consistant with the character thoughout the entire play, forward the plot line and character
Television dialouge should be terse and avoid repetition
Exposition - revealing the backround of the characters and the situation and clarifying the present circumstances - must be presented as early as possible in the play
Since exposition in radio is difficult because it must be presented solely through dialouge and sound, it sometimes emplys a technique rarley used in other media - narrator
Television requires an overabundance of preperation, or foreshadowing.
Radio, not TV.
Setting is determined by the plays form (ie realistic, force, fantasy)and by the characters physical environment
In television, fantasy settings are usually required
A television story editor first want to see a treatment
Are often public service presentation, providing information and educational content that is not controversial
Is thought by some to be the highest form of television and radio art
Is usually a live happening planned by some source other than the media producer
Special Event
Is based in reality but is not necessarily factual: also known as the docudrama
Semi documentary
Interprets the past, analyzes the present, and/or anticipates the future
Is the type that constitutes TV "magazines"
Mini documentary
Oriented toward interpretation and point of view
Must combined news and entertainment
Mini documentary
Can be a visit to the city by head of state, a holiday ceremony in front of city hall, the ground breaking for a housing complex, etc.
Special event
May present a problem that affects numerous people and the ways the problem could be solved
Can be simple a travelouge about the autumn leaves in New England, the local zoo, or a new beach resort
Used to explore behind and beneath the obvious - to get at reasons for an event, attitudes and feelings, interpretations and reactions, implications and signifigance
Its materials are often limited to voice over, bites, and "breathing visuals"
Mini Doncumentary
May utilze authentic people and events but still factual gaps with specualtion
Semi Documentary
Defined as a "straightforward report on a event, situation, person, or idea"
Can be dry, electric, or entertaining
May go beneath the exteriors of life and carefully select those elements that dramatize peoples relationships to the outer and inner facets of their world
Alson known as a "compilation documentary"
Is said to present "part of stream of life"
Semi documentary
Couldn't exist if someone else hadent made another movie first
Easy Listening
Features a mixture of string, instrumental, light jazz, and soft rock vocals.
Country and Western
Types of top 40 music that seek specialzed audiences.
Affinity blocks
15 minute of half hour show segments were devoted to particular band or vocalist.
Rock and roll
Types of Top 40 music that seek specialized audiences
Top 40
chosen for play by sales charts, juke box surveys, record store reports.
Its music includes that of living composers or currant popular hit songs.
Album Rock
Hard, underground, and acid are some of the subtypes.
"Classic Rock"
Features highly successful hit music of the 13 to 30 year range.
Adult Contemporary
Middle of the road music without extremes in volume, timing, rhythm, or technique.
1990's contemporary music with political overtones that is loud and hard; its lyrics rebel against the inequities and insensitivities of the 1980's.
Identify three examples of corporate media programming
-talk programs
-formal education/training programs
Identify the most widley served purpose for corporate media programming
Education and training
Identify the two purposes served by point of purchase videos
-to influence undecided customers to buy
-to inform employees about the product and train them to sell products effectivley.
Identify the three principles types of media forms used by coorporations to fulfill their purposes
Identify three purposes corporations may have for creating media programming
-Enhance employess morale
-obtain good public relations
What must a writer "determine" before writing a script for a corporate media program
the company's specific purpose for any given coporate media program.
As this new century began, what medium is becoming the medium of choice
What are the two major objects for a corporate media program
-client or management
-target audience
Themes that give unity to a program
A type of music, a personality, a locality
The variety and balance needed in a pop music program
Includes music decribes as up tempo, boy vocal, lush orchestral, girl vocal, combo
The principle copy types for the pop music show
Get attention, relax, build to climax, offer change of pace throughout
The organization and technique of music show
Its copy includes "drop ins" like liners," positioners, and promos
Elements often used in TV music
May include drawings, free forms, dance, photographs, pantomime.
Oriented around specialty acts of different kinds
Features a singer, dancer, with guests.
Musical revenue
Shows that focus on a siniging personality, include comic skits, and contain a thread of continuity.
Organized primarily around music and dance with a comedian providing continuity and transitions between musical numbers.
Comic dominated
Features a comedian as te central performer with various guests and acts.