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unwarrented; not called for in the situation
gratuitous (adj.)
practicing strict self-discipline or self restraint
ascetic (adj.)
to grow rapidly or flourish
burgeon (v.)
of or relating to the physical body
corporeal (adj.)
lacking candor, honesty, or sincerity
disingenuous (adj.)
widely accepted statement or tenet based on intrinsic value
axiom (n)
callow (adj.)
honest or frank expression
candor (n.)
gushing or very demonstrative
effusive (adj.)
to assuage, to soften ridgity
mollify (v.)
common place (connotation being unoriginal)
banal (adj.)
to punish
castigate (v.)
thoughtful; musing (connotation of serious/sad)
pensive (adj.)
abolish by authoritative action; to nullify or annul
abrogate (v.)
having power to compel or constrain; convincing relevant or pertinent