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What is a definition?
a language form that defines an unknown using a known
What are the three elements of a logical definition?
term, denus, differentia
What is a synonym for genus?
synonym for differentia
distinguishing characteristics
What organizational form emerges when one arranges a definition by division vertically?
What makes an approximate definition like an expository composition?
if it is definition by synonym
What is the organizational pattern of a descriptive composition?
What mode of discourse has a chronological arrangement?
What is a synonym for exposition?
What is a typical organizational scheme for exposition?
Which mode of composition concerns the truth or falsity of a proposition?
Which priniciple of outlining demands the use of nons or noun substitutes?
topic phrasing
Which priniciple of outlining refers to the similarity of language forms?
Which priniciple of outlining has to do with general to specific relationships?
Which priniciple of outlining insists upon two or more topics always?
What normally precedes the actual outline of an essay?
Why doesn't the outline refer to introduction, body, or conclusion?
they are already generalized outline of every essay and are paralyzed together
What is the signifier for a main topic?
capital roman numeral
What is a signifier for a subtopic?
arabic, capital letter
What signals a detail under a suptopic?
lowercase arabic
What is a process essay?
an expository essay
Why are process and definition essays expository?
because they are agruable,, confirm the principles of outlining, 3 main topics
Who was Quintillian?
a critic, educator, became known for texts, INSTITUTIONE ORATORIA
What are the seven steps in Quintillian rhetoric and what is the function of each?
Exordium-general area of discussion
Narration-gives reasons for discussing the area of interest
Exposition-definitions of terms or a specification
Proposition-term for thesis statement, SHOULD
Confirmation-multiple paragraph body of discussion
Refutation-discredits the opposition by bringing up a contrary argument
Peroration-concluding material,includes emotional appeal
What is often the key word in an argumentice propisiton?