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what means seize the day?
carpe diem
who was the roman poet?
who had the first wristwatch?
Queen ELizabeth I
who was a contemporary of Shakespeare?
Christopher Marlowe
how did christopher marlowe die?
in a bar brawl
What was CM famous for?
Doctor Faustus
who was queen Eliz I's secretary?
Sir Walter Raleigh
what happened to sir walter raleigh?
James I convicted him of treason
Who was Robert Herrick?
an ordained priest who wrote 1400 poems.
Who was a member of parliament?
Andrew Marvell
what are characteristics of metaphysical poetry?
revolutionary, ingenious, obzare imagry, deep thinking, rough meter, verbal wit, allusions,metaphysical conceits and intensity of interact.
who wanted to be a courtier?
John Donne
what happened to john donne?
he married anne mare who was 17 when he was 29 which lead to jail. he went to oxford at age 11, had 12 children and forsakes clergymen in church of england.