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What does SSIC stand for?
Standard Subject Identification Code
What is the Navy instruction for naval correspondence?
Which line lists documents and/or information that accompany the letter?
“Encl” Enclosure Line
(T/F) A standard subject identification code (SSIC) is required on a standard navy letter?
(Standard Navy letter requires Letterhead. Any Navy document that is printed on letterhead will have a SSIC code as the document needs to be filed.)
(T/F) The classification stamp represents the lowest level of classification in the entire document?
It represents the Highest classification of any part of the document
Which line of the naval letter tells the reader what the document is about?
“Subj” Subject Line
The classification markings on classified correspondence must be in accordance with what document?
Except for the signature page, the margins of the standard naval letter are how big?
1 inch
Which line of the naval letter contains your commanding officer’s title and activity's name?
“From” Line
(T/F) Addresses for naval correspondence can be found in the Standard Navy Distribution List (SNDL)?
(All official (Navy) military addresses can be found in the SNDL)
Which line of the naval letter addresses activities outside your own that should see the letter before the action addressee?
Via Line
Which line of the naval letter refers to documents and/or information that bears directly on the subject of the letter, and is listed in the order they appear in the text?
“Ref” Reference Line
A standard naval letter is used for?
Official Correspondence