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Jing-River (Qi flows) has what energetics?
Cough & dyspnoea, chills, fever
Diseases manifesting in patient's voice
Diseases of sinews & bones (of yin chnl)
He-Sea (Qi enters) pt energetics include?
Counterflow QI & diarrhoea
Disease of ST & disorders resulting from irregular eating & drinking
Diseases of the fu
Diseases of the skin (Yang only)
XI-cleft (QI & blood gather & plunge)energetics include?
Treat acute conditions
XI-of yin channels treat disorders of blood
What are LOU-pt energetics?
Treat disorders of their interiorly-ext chnl or zangfu
Disorders in regions reached by the luo-connecting chnl
Treats psycho-emotional disorders
List Yuan-source (QI surfaces & lingers) energetics.
(usually 4th pt on channel
ON YIN only, Yuan-source are same as Shu-stream
Tone & regulate their zang
ON YANG, Dispess excess pathogenic factors
Treat disorders on the channel
Can diagnose the organs based on pt reactions
Jing well (QI emanates) energetics are?
Clear heat, restore consciousness, rescue colapse
Treat uppermost region of channel
Treat fullness below heart
Disorders of Zang
Disorders of the spirit
Ying-Spring (glides) energetics include?
2nd pt on channel
Heat in the body
In spring, needle Ying-srping
If complexion is changed by pathogen, needle Y-S
Diseases of yang channels
Diseases of zang +(SHU-STREAM)
Shu-Stream (QI pours) energetics include?
Heaviness of the body
Pain of the joints
Disorders of Zang + (Ying-Spring)
Intermittent diseases
Yang channel disorders
Combining Yuan-Source & Lou-connecting entails?
Yuan-s or primary affected channel is combined w/luo-conn pt of its interiorly-exteriorly coupled channel
Front Mu (to gather & collect)pts do what?
Front-mu are where the Qi of the zangfu gathers & concentrates on the anterior surface of the body
Are tender in response to diharmony of their zangfu (diagnosis
Combined in treatment
What are the Heavenly star pts for LU, LI, ST, SP?
LU 7, LI-4, LI-11, ST-36, ST-44
Four & Six command points are?
ST-36 for disorders of the abdomen
LU-7 for disorders of head & nape
LI-4 for disorders of face & mouth
BL-40 for disorders of lumbar region & back
P-6 for disorders of chest & lateral costal region
DU-26 for resuscitation
What ar the window of heaven pts for LU, LI, & ST?
What do window of heaven pts do?
Treat goitre or scrofula, throat disorders
coughing wheezing or chest oppression from rebellion of Lung QI
vomiting from reb. ST QI
Headache & dizziness
Heat, redness or swelling of face
sudden onset of disorders
disorders of sense organs
mental & emotional disorders