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True or False
The first bow caught the fish.
What di Brian make to get to the plane?
A raft.
How did Brian discover the berries?
He saw the birds eating them.
Did the hacthet cut right threw the plane?
What kept the mosquitos away?
The fire.
What di Brian use to carry the berries?
His wind breaker.
What did Brian shoot with his bow?
Fish and birds.
How did Brain identify the birds?
They looked like pears.
What did Brain kick in the middle of the night?
A porcupine.
What did Brian use to hold his arrows?
The sleeve of his windbreaker.
What scared Brian in the plane?
The dead pilot.
After he got the bag what happened?
A pilot landed on the lake.
What was Brian trying to get out of the plane?
A survival bag.
Did a plane fly over Brian and not come back?
Did Brian get the survival bag?
What object was sticking out of the lake after the storm?
The tail of the plane.
How did Brian catch fish and keep them alive?
He made a little pond inside of the lake with stones.
What destroyed everything Brian had made?
A tornado.
Were did he decide to put the food he stored?
On the roof of his cave.
How did he first catch a fish?
A bow and arrow.
True or False
Brain got skinner.
Waht attacked Brian?

hint: It was brown
A moose.
How did Brain make fire?
With his hacthet.
True or False

Brian was 12 years old.
Where did Brain find the hacthet?
On his belt.
Where was Brain going before the plane crash?
To met his dad.
What shape did the lake make?
An "L"
What was the first thing Brian found to eat?
What attacked Brian the first evening?
True or False
Brian's leg broke in the plane crash.