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Who were the girls that were in the "circle"
Ann Putnam, Mary Walcott, Elizabeth Booth, Susanah Sheldon, Marcy Lewis, Mary Warren
Who is Sarah Bibber?
An old hag that was unhygenic that talkd to Susannah outside of the parsonage
Why doesnt Susannah think she is a proper Puritan?
b/c she was bold, wanted to travel, and had her views like her fathers not her mothers. She also read books.
What is the name of Mr. English's ship
William And Susannah
What's Mr English's Job
Who tells the girl's storie
Why doesn't Mr English abide by the slave trade
he doesn't belive in traffiking human souls
wats the difference between and indentured servant and a slave
indentured servants earn they're freedom
how old is ann putnam and describe her personality
12, sickly, mean, full of trouble, wise beyond her years
describe teh puritan code
very strict, reliogious, little freedom
who is sarah good and what is her daughter's name
a poor woman and her daughter dorcas
wats the demeaner of rev. parris?
wat does susannahs father think about her individual thoughts?
he respects her views but tells her not to tell otehrs
where is william?
who is abigal hobbs and what does she say that upsets ann putnam?
she is a rebel that calls ann a witch
what is wrong with betty parris
she is sick and delirous
what does mrs english do for a living
she owns a store
what does it mean to be afflicted
touched by teh devil
why does ann putnam senior blame her nieghbors for her family's misfortune
she says she lost her babies and husband because neighbors bullied her husband
waht does susanna bring to ann's house
apple tarrts
what is ann's disposition
mean, harsh, selfish
what does ann threaten
to name susannah's family as witches
whose side does joseph putnam take
he thinks witchcraft is nonsense
why has the Ingersoll tavern picked up business
becasue thats where the girls show torments and affliction
why is john suspicoius fo the girls
because they want attention and its fun sport
How does Rev. Parris treat Tituba? What does he make her do?
He treats her poorly and hurts her when hes not pleased.
When does Johnathan start having doubts?
becuase, Ann has accused Rebecca Nurse about being a witch and a murderer. And John knows she is sweet with "inner light"
What happens to Susana's mother?
She was accused as being a friend to witches becuse she sat by Sarah Cloyce, the sister of Rebecca Nurse.
Who is arrested at the beginning of the chapter?
Why does susana go back to find Ann Putnam?
To find out why Ann accused her mom as a witch, when Susana kept her mouth shut. and din't tell anyone
Where is William at this point? chap.14, 15, 16
A prison in Guadalupe
What is spectral evidence?
When someone has seen your shape following someone.
What is Mama's advice to Susana and Mary?
To stay with Joseph and Elizabeht and stay out of site, and they will be less likely to acuse you.
Where is Mr. English at the end of Chapter 16?
Working in Boston.
Who wears her red bodice into court?
Bridget Bishop
Who is going to write to the privy council in London?
thomas brattle
where is william at this point? [epilouge]
TRUE OR FALSE: Susanna get her wish of voyaging on sea and standing at the crowsnet
What happens to Dorcas Good?
She went to prison at age five adn then once released romans the town homeless, in battered clothes + out of her mind
What does Susanna reveal in chapt. 19?
she tells jospeh the information she new about the afflicted girls int he "inner cirlce"
What will Joseph do about this?
At first he gets angry about her hesitation to tel lhim. He says he will use her info at the right time.
What news does Joseph bring??
Magistrate Corwin is having doubts on the Witch hunts.His mother in-law was acccused.
Why does Susana want to see Same Edicott?
Cuz he holds info about a witch wanting to kill william. He claims Mary Bradbury was the witch to sink the William and Susana
How does Susana miss her parents?
She goes to see Sam Edicott wit/out permission. On the wayhome he carrige wheel breaks and delays the trip 3 hours, her parents left to return to jail.
Who does Jonathan bring for Susanna?
Mary Bradbury, to prove that shes not a witch and shes sweet.