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The advantage of the direct mail program is...
The direct Mail Program supplaments the recruiter's prospecting efforts by..
reaching high school seniors/graduates and community college students with a specific Marine Corps message.
The purpose of the fulfillment center..
screen out end eliminate duplicate leads and ensure only valid leads are sent to recruiters.
Purpose of the direct mail schedule
is to reach targeted markets at most critical or effective time to generate responses.
Purpose of recruiter supplied names program
allow recruiters to incorporate any names that they obtain into the direct mail system.
The purpose of RS mail outs
is to assist the recruiting effort.
Two of the types of limited supplemental mailouts the RS is authorized to send out are
To support career day or a job fair, and to support the youth physical fitness program.
The priority prospect card (PPC)
is generated as a direct result of a request for additional info about the Marine Corps due to media advertising or the direct mail program.
When a recruiter completes the contact report card...
he / she must enter the date of the initial contact with the prospect.