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The goal of Systematic Recruiting?
is to organize the recruiters efforst so that the required contacts, face to face meetings, interviews, and contacts are achieved.
The purpose of the Assets Map is to..
display the locations of all RSS resources and activities available in RSS area.
The purpose of the Enlistment Map is..
to display enlistment results of the current and previous fiscal year.
The purpose of the list Folders..
is to contain a list or collection of names copiled from varios sources and organized to effectively prospect.
The purpose of the RSS Programs Book is
to provide a ready reference for Marine Corps Orders relating to options, bonuses, guarantees, and reenlistments.
The purpose of the working file is..
to systematically distribute your RSS workload by action date.
The purpose of the command recruiting file
serve as a file and source for potential command recruiters who can generate referrals and enlistments.
The purpose of the Scheduling and Results Book..
organize recruiters daily and weekly plan on the when, where, and how the recruiter will prospect, interview, process applicants, work poolees, manage time, and service their area.
Purpose of the RSS pool board..
provide the status of the RSS poool and displays important info on each poolee.
Purpose of the priority prospect card/reenlistment card (PPC/RC) control box.
is to drive initial contact with prospects for enlistment or reenlistment into the Marine Corps.
The purpose of the NCOIC Management Book.
is to be an action oriented management tool.
Puropose of the NCOIC - Recruiter Training File.
is to document training to recruiters at the RSS level.