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What is the purpose of the Enlistment Incentive Program ?
The purpose of the Enlistment Incentive program is to attract highly qualified applicants for enlistment in various enlistment options that guarantees applicants entry level options for training, based in their interests and aptitudes in a specific skill area.
What are the mental requirements
for the Enlistment Option Program ?
a. Tier I - ( A High School Graduate with a bonified High School Diploma / High School
Senior expected to graduate on time with his / her class.)

b. Applicants must meet the minimum AFQT and other minimum composite scores as
required for the specific (job) option desired.
Waht is the EOP program designed for?
It is designed to help recruiters reach specific manpower goals.
Is there a guaranteed MOS Occupational field under the EOP?
In no case will an individual be promised or led to believe that he or she will be guaranteed a specific occupational FIELD or MOS within that option.
What are the exceptions to the EOP MOS Rule?
The Marine Corps assigns a MOS within the specific occupational field based on the needs of the Marine Corps. The only exception to this rule are MEOP (Music Marines), Food Service Option, and Nuclear Biological and Chemical Option (NBC) applicants.
What are the Moral and Physical requirements for the program? (EOP)
Applicnts must meet the standards in MCOP 1100.72 and the standards for the option they want.
What are the terms of enlistment under the (EOP)?
The terms of enlistment for the Enlistment Options Program are four or five years depending on specific option desired.
Are there special promotions given for choosing certiain options?
There are no Promotional Incentives available in the Enlistment Options Program.
Do you get choice of duty station under the EOP?
The Enlistment Incentive Program consist of the following enlistment options:
Enlistment Option Program (EOP)
Geographical Enlistment Option (GOP)/
College Enlistment Option (CEP)
Marine Cops College Fund (MCCF)
Enlistment Bonus Program (EBP)
Musician Enlistment Option (MEOP)
National Call To Service (NCS)