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What is the basic pay for Private in the Marine Corps (Under 4 Months)?
What is the basic pay for a private over four months?
$1273. 50
What is the basic pay for a private first class?
What is the basic pay for a Lance Corporal with less than 2 years?
What is the purpose of Tricare?
The purpose of TRICARE is to expand access to care, assure high quality care, control health care costs for patients and taxpayers alike, improve medical readiness. This health care program is managed by the military and supported by civilian contractors.
What is the department of defense publication for tricare?
The Department of Defense (DOD) publication for TRIG ARE is DOD 6010.47-M. You can view this document by visiting the TRICARE web site at www.tricare.osd.rnil.
Who is entitled to coveraged by TRICARE Dental program and sponsor requirements?
The personnel who are covered by TRICARE Dental Plan include, spouses and children of active-duty members of the Uniformed Services.
Who is eligible to move house hold goods?
The Marine becomes eligible to move household goods when he or she is ordered on a PCS move and the household goods were in the Marines' possession before the effective date of the move.