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a. Forming Phase
a. Recruits attend a stress class.
b. Forming Phase
b. Recruits learn to speak to their Drill Instructors and other personnel in a military manner.
c. Forming Phase
c. Recruits learn to perform their daily physical exercises.
d. Forming Phase
d. Recruits complete all necessary dental and medical processing.
e. Forming Phase
e. Initial Strength Test is conducted (1ST).
f. Forming Phase
f. Weapons Issue.
g. Forming Phase
g. Special Testing. (AFQT)
h. Forming Phase
h. Classes on interior guard.
i. Forming Phase
i. Classes on the Montgomery G. I. Bill.
j. Forming Phase
j. Core value training.
a. First Phase, training days 1-23
a. Close Order Drill.
b. First Phase, training days 1-23
b. Series Commander's Inspection (T-22).
c. First Phase, training days 1-23
c. BST Classes.
d. First Phase, training days 1-23
d. MC MAP Training.
e. First Phase, training days 1-23
e. Initial Drill Evaluation (T-17).