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The purpose of screening prior service applicants is...
...Is to ensure that the this recruiter does not waste time selling a prospect who is not qualified.
Prior service applicants are screened using the same procedures as non-prior service applicants
The prior service applicants undergo

1. Verbal Screening

2. Form Screening

3. Physical Screening
What are the eligibility requirements for Prior Service applicants...
All Prior Service applicants must be mentally, morally and physically qualified in accordance Military Personnel Procurement Manual, Volume 2, (MPPM ENLPROC), MCO P1100.72
All Prior Service applicants must have what type of reenlistment code?
All Prior Service applicants must also have a reenlistment code of 1 and their service character as honorable as shown on DD Form 214/215.
The documents required for processing prior service applicants are..
a. The DD Form 214/215 will be used to verify information to process a prior service applicant for enlistment or reenlistment.

b. Additional documents may be required on a case by case basis (i.e., marriage certificate ,dependents BIRTH certificates, divorce or separation papers, etc.)

c. Form 368 will also be used in the case of reservists and National Guard members, respectively, when appropriate.
Purpose DD Form 368
The purpose of the DD Form 368 is to Request for Discharge or Clearance from Reserve Component. DD Form 368 is the form utilized by the recruiter when he or she wants to process a Mandatory participants of the National Guard, Reserve Units on his/her first enlistment in a reserve component.
To obtain clearance for prior service applicants the recruiter must...
complete the DD Form 368 and either carried or mail the form to the Reserve or the National Guard unit for approval or disapproval of clearance
Applicant processing procedure for Prior Service (Other Service) applicants
a. Prior to enlisting a Prior Service applicant the recruiter will personally sight and review the DD-Form 214/215.
Determine rank appointment for Prior Service
a. For Prior Service (other Service) applicants:
1) Review table 4-2 on page 4-43 of the Military Personnel Procurement Manual, (MPPM ). To determine if the applicants meet the criteria for appointment to the rank of Private First Class. If the applicants don't meet the criteria on page 4-43. They will be appointed to the rank of Private.

b. For Prior Service Marines applicants:
1) Will reference to the MCO 1100.77 grade appointment / reappointment policy for broken / continuous reenlistments. Rank will be Determine by comparing the grade held at the time of separation to the length of time separated. Once again the final determination of rank, time in grade will be made by headquarters Marine Corps.