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What is the purpose of PRE-MEPS Screening?
The purpose of PRE-MEPS physical screening is to screen out the obviously disqualified. The use of your Marine Corps Opportunities Book, page 1-18 will assist you in doing this
What three ways to you conduct PRE-MEPS screening?
a. Through VERBAL screening.

b. FORM screening.

c. PHYSICAL screening (Looking at the person)
The document used by a recruiter to screen an applicant for physical disqualification is the...
...DD Form 2807-2
- Applicant Medical Prescreening Form.
What is a DD Form 2807-2?
This is the Applicant Medical Prescreening Form.
Purpose of the Applicant Medical Prescreening Form DD 2807-2 is to....
the purpose of this form is to

... properly Prepare applicants for medical examinations and avoid needless expenditures of recruiting funds on applicants who are obviously disqualified.
What are the steps for getting an applicants Height and weight?
1) Have the applicant remove heavy outer garments and shoes.

2) Actually weigh and measure all applicants; don't take the applicant's word for it.

3) Record the exact heieht in inches to the nearest 1/2 inch.

4) Record the exact weight to the nearest pound.
The height standards for enlistment into a Marine Corps for males are....
Male applicants 58 to 78 inches.
The height standards for enlistment into a Marine Corps for females are....
Female applicants 58 to 72 inches.
An applicant with 20/40 in one eye must have_______ in the other eye.
20/70 (or Better)
An applicant with 20/30 in one eye must have_______ in the other eye.
20/100 (or Better)
The actions to be accomplished once an applicant has admitted to a medical history containing a physical disorder are?
1. Compare medical disorder to Chapter 3 of the Military Personnel Procurement Manual (MPPM ENLPROC).

2. If temporarily disqualified, ensure that the applicant has doctors' letters and hospitalization summary and that sufficient time has passed since medical care.

3. You need those letters before you send them to MEPS.

4. Call to the medical doctor at the MEPS, prior to actually going to MEPS.

5. They will tell you if determine if Sufficient time has passed since the medical disorder.
An applicant that is 20/20 in one eye must have _____ in the other eye.
20/400 (or Better)
An applicant who wears glasses...
...will take his/her eye glasses with him/her to the MEPS for the eye test portion of the physical.
If an applicant who decides to wear his or her contact lenses for physical processing at MEPS. Then...
the recruiter must have the applicant bring a letter stating visual acuity and refraction error.
If an applicant does not desire to wear contact lenses, then the applicant must wear eye glasses. (If they need either of the two to see)However, the applicant must remove the contact lenses....
3 days prior to the examination at the MEPS the applicant must remove thier contact, if they decide to wear glasses to the MEPS.
To brief an applicant on MEPS processing procedures for the physical examination.
a. First fill out the DD Form 2807-2, Parts I and II, blocks 1-9.

b. Have the applicant check item that applies to them.

c. Explain all yes answers to questions (1-74).

d. Explain to the applicant the processing of MEPS, and what the applicant will be going through also that it will be a long and tiring day.
The required documents to be prepared by the recruiter to process an applicant at MEPS are?
1. USMEPCOM Form 714-A

2. DD Form 2807-2

3. DD Form 2005

4. Doctor's letters.

5. Parental Consent; if required
What is a USMEPCOM Form
USMEPCOM Form 714-A is a Request for Examination.
What is DD Form 2807-2?
DD Form 2807-2 is an Applicant Medical Prescreening Form
What is DD Form 2005?
It is a privacy act statement for health care records.
The special instructions provided to female applicants prior to the physical processing at MEPS are as follows:
a. Female applicants will receive a full general look over examination.

b. Medical examinations can be administered during the applicants menstrual period; if the applicant wishes.

c. Pregnant applicants are ineligible for enlistment or reenlistment.
If applicants wear braces they will be required to..
...sign a statement in the remarks section of the DD Form
1966 indicating their understanding that the Marine Corps will not incur any obligation or costs
incident to their orthodontic work either before or after enlistment.
Before an applicant with braces joins the must...
... provide a letter from the orthodontist indicating that all orthodontic work has been or will be completed prior to shipping to recruit training.
All orthodontic work must be completed prior to...
...shipping to recruit training, and the braces must be removed.