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Why do Recruiter's screen for police and drug involvement before allowing applicants to join?
To prevent enlistment of a person who's social habits are a threat to unit cohesion.

To screen out persons who are likely to become serious disciplinary problems in the Marine Corps.

To ensure that the enlistee will not be thrown into close association with criminals.
The procedures used by a recruiter to screen for police and drug involvement are as follows:
Question and interview procedures.

Explanation of penalties for withholding information.

Form screening

Post enlistment interviews.
The four forms used by a recruiter to verify and obtain information regarding offenses are:
DD Form 369
(Police Record Check)

DD Form 370
(Request For References)

(Electronic Personnel Security Check)

DD Form 2280 (Armed Forces Fingerprint Card) for applicants.
The reason documentation is required for police involvement is: help validate and clarify an applicant's statement.

... to reveal further involvement.
If applicants refuse to sign the Satement of Understanding about the Marine Corps Drug policies, what will happen?
those applicants will be denied enlistment in the Marine Corps.
All applicants must sign the Statement of Understanding on the Marine Corps Policy Concerning Illegal Use of Drugs or they will be denied enlistment/reenlistment Other documents used in the drug screening process are:
a. A Personal Statement

b. Drug Abuse Screening Form
What is the definition of a morally qualified applicant?
The definition of a morally qualified applicant is one that has,

no criminal convictions,


or periods of restraints.
What is a period of restraint?
A period of restraint is a suspended sentence,or probation.
The waiver limits for a Recruiting Station Commanding Officer are:
The waiver limits for a RS CO are

Minor Traffic Offenses:
5 or more

Serious Traffic Offenses:
2 or more ,

Non-Traffic Offenses
2 to 5 minor


perscription drug experimentation.
The waiver limints for a District Commanding Officer are:
Serious Traffic Offenses:
1 - 5

Non - Traffic Offenses
6 - 9

perscription drugs (non-experimental)

DEP Problems:
In-Delayed Entry Program (DEP) use of marijuana/steroids/
prescription drugs.

Use of stimulants, depressants not including cocaine. This includes use while in the Delayed Entry Program.
c. Commanding General of the Recruiting Region.
One felony.

Use of cocaine, hallucinogens, narcotics, opiates, inhalants, psychoactive, peyote. This includes use while in the delayed entry program?
What is the purpose of a moral waiver?
The purpose of a moral waiver Is to evaluate the applicant using the "whole person" concept, under this concept, an applicant's qualifications are compared with past performance with the intent of calculating potential effectiveness in the Marine Corps.
a. Applicants against whom charges are filed, or pending or any other unresolved judicial proceeding.
a. Are not qualified for a Moral waiver, and can not join the Corps.
b. Individuals apply for enlistment as an alternative to judicial proceedings.
b. Are not qualified for a Moral waiver, and can not join the Corps.
c. Applicants under criminal restraint or otherwise serving a sentence, to include parole and probation, (except for probation assigned as punishment for conviction of non-felony traffic offenses).
c. Are not qualified for a Moral waiver, and can not join the Corps.
What is a DD form 369?
(Police Record Check)
Waht is a form DD 370?
(Request For References)
What is a SF 86 Form?
(Electronic Personnel Security Check)
Waht is a DD 2280 form?
Armed Forces Fingerprint Card for applicants.
If an applicant has 5 or more minor traffic offenses...
They would need a RS Level waiver.
A person with 1-5 Serious Traffic Offenses...
needs a District Level waiver for enlistment.
An applicant needs a CG (Commanding General) waiver if that have...
One felony.