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Executive Branch
Main Job
Enforce laws
Legislative Branch
Main Job
Make laws
Judicial Branch
Interpret laws

See if they are constitutional
Executive branch check over leg. branch when they create a bill (to become a law)
Legislative branch check over a veto
2/3 majority
Judicial branch check over the executive branch
Declare an executive action unconstitutional
Judicial branch check over the legislative branch
Declare a law unconstitutional
Legislative branch check over the illegal actions of a president or judge
Impeach and possible removal from office
Executive branch power to fill positions in government
Appoint judges, ambassadors, and cabinet positions
Legislative power to check the executive power to appoint
Approves or disapproves executive appointments
Executive branch power to decide how money will be spent
Makes the budget
Legislative power to check how the money will be spent
Approves or disapproves the budget
Executive check over the judicial branch
Appoints judges
Powers of the national government
Enumerated in the Constitution
May be expressed or implied
Powers of the state governments
according to the 10th amendment