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Which branch of goverment is resonsable for enforcing/ executing laws?
Executive Branch
Which Branch of Goverment is responsible for making laws?
the Legislative Branch
Which branch of goverment is responsible for interpreting the laws?
The Judicial Branch
What is Federalism?
It divides the powers of goverment between the state and national goverment.
Powers shared by both the federal and state goverments are called...
Concurrent powers
Which of the following is a power RESERVED by the state?
a. passing laws related to marriage
b. establishing local post offices
c. declaring war on foreign countries
d. setting standards for weights and measures.
A) Passing laws related to marriage
Which of the following is NOT a way of amending or removing a law?
a. the legislative branch may pass a new law which replaces the old law
b. the law may be ruled unconstitutional through the process of judicial review- Supreme Court
c. The president of the United States or any govenor may declare the law unconstitutional
d. Citizens may request a change in teh law through petition
C) The president of the United States or any govenor may declare the law unconstitutional
At the state level, the legislative brach of goverment is represented by...
The Ohio General Assembly
What brach and level of goverment has jurisdiction over seat belt laws?
State, Legislative
Which of the following types of taxes can be collected at all three levels of goverment- federal, state, local?
Income tax!
What brach of goverment is responsable for taxation?
The legislative branch
All goverment officials are either elected directly by the people or they are...
appointed by another goverment official or agency
Which of the following is an example of the legislative branch of goverment at work at a federal level?
a. The supreme court declares a law unconstitutional
b. The ohio General Assembly passes a law reqyiring motorcylist to wear helmets
c. The Presidnet vetoes a bill that would rais taxes
d. The U.S. congress passes a law related to anti- pollution standards.
D) The U.S. Congress passes a law related to Anti- Pollution standers
What is the first step fir viters who want to introduce a bill into the Ohio legislature?
Circulate a petition for signatures
In Ohio, State Judges are...
Elected directly by the people
In Ohio, Laws already passed by the legislature may be presented to the voters for approval. This process is called...
At the ederal Level, the Judicial branch of goverment is represented by the. . .
What is the Judicial Branch of goverment primarily responable for?
interpreting the law
Which of the following public officials is elected directly by ordinary citizens?
a. member of the Presidential Cabinet
b. Supreme Court Justice
c. members of congress
d. ambassador to another country
C) Members of Congress
The Executive branch of goverment is primarily responable for. . .
Seeing that laws are carried out
a Bill introduced in the House of Representatices is approved by members. Where does the bill go next?
What are some examples of Checks and Balances?
- President Bush can veto laws, byt congress can override the VETO
- The Supreme Court can declare laws or executive orders unconstitutional. The Congress can overturn Supreme court decisions by amending the Constitution
- President Bush appoints federal judges and the Cabinet, but the senate musst confirm these appointments