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MIDBRAIN - Red Nucleus
Involuntary control of muscle tone and posture
MEDULLA - Nucleus gracilis
Relay somatic sensory information from the lower body to the ventral posterior nuclei of the thalamus
MIDBRAIN - Reticular Formation
THE HEADQUARTERS - Automatic processing of incoming sensations and outgoing motor commands; can initiate involuntary motor responses to stimuli, maintenance of consciousness
MEDULLA - Cardiac Reflex Centre
Regulate heart rate and force of contraction
CEREBELLUM - Middle Peduncle
Contain transverse fibers and carry communications between the cerebellum and pons
MEDULLA - Ascending and Descending Tracts
Link the brain with the spinal cord
CEREBELLUM - Superior Peduncle
Link the cerebellum with the midbrain, the diencephalons and cerebrum
MIDBRAIN - Substantia Nigra
Regulates activity in the cerebral nucleus
MEDULLA - Olivary nucleus
Relay information from the red nucleus, other midbrain centres, and the cerebral cortex to the vermis of the cerebellum
MEDULLA - Respiratory rhythmicity Reflex Centre
Sets the pace of respiratory movements
MEDULLA - Vasomotor Reflex Centre
Regulates distribution of blood flow
MIDBRAIN - Other nuclei
CN III and CN IV nuclei
CEREBELLUM - Inferior Peduncle
Link the cerebellum with the medulla oblongata and spinal cord
MIDBRAIN - Cerebral Peduncles
Connect primary motor cortex with motor neurons in the brain stem and spinal cord; carry ascending sensory information to the thalamus
MEDULLA - Other nuclei/centres
Sensory and motor nuclei of CN VIII, IX, X, XI, XII

Nuclei relaying ascending sensory information from the spinal cord to higher centres
PONS - Transverse Fibres
Interconnect cerebellar hemispheres; interconnect pontine nuclei with the cerebellar hemispheres on the opposite side
PONS - Respiratory Centres
Modify output of respiratory centres in the medulla

Pneumotaxic (turns off inspiration)

Apneustic (stimulates inspiration)
CEREBELLUM - Arbor vitae
Connects cerebellar cortex and nuclei with cerebellar peduncles
PONS - Other nuclei/centres
Nuclei associated with CN V, VI, VII, and VIII and the cerebellum
MEDULLA - Nucleus cuneatus
Relay somatic sensory information from the upper body to the ventral posterior nuclei of the thalamus
MIDBRAIN - Superior Colliculus
Integrates visual information with other sensory inputs; initiates involuntary motor responses
CEREBELLUM - Cerebellar Cortex and nuclei
Subconscious coordination and control of ongoing movements of body parts
PONS - Ascending and Descending Tracts
Interconnect other portions of the CNS
MIDBRAIN - Inferior Colliculus
Relays auditory information to medial geniculate nucleus