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What are the structures of the BRAIN STEM
Listed superiorly:
Medulla Oblongata
The Cerebelum is not part of the brain stem; it is located above the brain stem
What is the function of the cerebellum?
-Coordination and Voluntary motor movements
-Balance and equilibrium
-MS tone
What are the Dysfunctions if the Cerebellum is damaged?
Person seems like s/he is drunk!
-ATAXIA: Inability to coordinate MS movements, Ataxic gait, ataxic speech
-Intention Tremors
-Dysmetria: Inability to judge distance
-adiadochokinesia- inability to perform quick alternating movements
Where is the midbrain?
-Top most structure of the brain stem
-Gradual transition to SC through Foramen Magnum
What are the functions of the Midbrain?
-Eye movement AND Vision
-Body movement
Where is the Pons?
Continuous w/and below the midbrain; directly in front of the cerebellum
What are the functions of the pons
Where is the Medulla Oblongata? and what goes through it?
-Lower most portion of the brain stem, and makes gradual transition to SC at the Foramen Magnum
-Crossing of the motor tracts
What are the functions of the Medulla Oblongata?
-Breathing (Resp center)
-Heart rate (Cardiac center)
-Blood pressure (Vasomotor center)
-Reflex Center for gag, vomit, swallow
What is the Reticular Activating System (RAS)?
It is the reticular formation and its connections (afferent axons from diff sources)
Where is the Reticular formation located?
it is a group of nuclei scattered throughout the brain stem
What is the RAS function?
Involved with the sleep/wake cycle
"The reticular formation has four functions: behavioral arousal, regulation of muscular reflexes, coordination of autonomic functions (like breathing and heartbeat) and the modulation of pain sensations."
What is the stimuli for the RAS?
-sudden light
-cold water splashed on face
What is the result of a damaged Reticular formation?
What are the symptoms of a brain stem injury?
-decreased capacity in breathing
-impaired speech
-difficulty with swallowing food/water (dysphasia)
-difficulty w/orginzational/perception of the environment
-problems w/bal & movement
-dizziness & nausea
-sleeping disorders (insomnia, sleep apnea)