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Moving in a rostral to caudal direction, the brainstem consists of what 3 regions?
Midbrain, Pons, Medulla
Which 3 cranial nerve nuclei do not originate in the brainstem?
CN1- Olfactory
CN2 - Optic
CN11 - Spinal Accessory
A mnemonic for the cranial nerves is -
On Old ___ Towering Tops, A ___ And ___ Viewed Some ___
Olympus, Finn, German, Hops
Which cranial nerves serve primarily motor functions?
CN3 - Oculomotor
CN4 - Trochlear
CN6 - Abducens
CN11- Spinal Accessory
CN12 - Hypoglossal
Which cranial nerves serve primarily sensory functions?
CN1- Olfactory
CN2 - Optic
CN8- Vestibulocochlear
Which cranial nerves serve mixed sensory and motor functions?
CN5- Trigeminal
CN7 - Facial
CN9 - Glossopharyngeal
CN10 - Vagus
A mnemonic for which CN's serve which function (sensory, motor, mixed) is;
Some Say Marry ___, But My ___ Says Big ___ Matter More
(edited for family viewing)
Money, Brother, Brains

S- sensory, M- motor, B- both
All divisions of CN ___ are impaired in Bell's palsy, which is characterized by ___lateral facial weakness
CN7 -Facial
Which 3 cranial nerves work together to provide normal conjugate gaze?
In relation to eye movements, abduction refers to ___ward deviation and adduction refers to ___ward deviation
abduction - outward
adduction - inward
Which CN is involved in lacrimation and salivation ("crying and spitting")?
CN7- Facial
Facial sensation is provided by CN ___ while facial movement is provided by CN ___
CN5- Trigeminal
CN7- Facial
The "tri" in trigeminal nerve refers to the 3 major divisions of CN5 which are called?
ophthalmic, maxillary, mandibular
Dilated pupil, ptosis, and outward deviation of the eye is characteristic of impairment of CN ___?
CN3 - Oculomotor
Dysarthria and dysphagia, hypoactive reflexes, without intellecutal impairment or signficant emotional dysregulation is consistent with which type of "palsy"?
Bulbar - more like a LMN disorder -
Not Pseudobulbar which is more like an UMN - frontal lobe
Left sided facial weakness confined to the lower face is characteristic of what type of lesion?
Upper motor neuron lesions in the right PMC (face area)