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Which brain tumors are ass w/ NF1?
pilocytic astrocytomas of the optic pathways and cerebellum
which brain tumors are ass w/ NF2?
bilateral acoustic schwannomas
Where do brain mets come from?
lung > breast > melanoma > colon
Treatment of Choice for multiple brain mets?
whole brain radiation
Treatment for single brain met?
resection (gamma if not resectable) followed by whole brain rad
Imaging modality for brain tumors?
MRI w/ and w/o contrast
Treatment for low grade gliomas?
Maximum Surgical resection
Treatment for high grade glioma?
Resection + RT + (temozolomide)
What predicts better survival in pts with high grade gliomas?
younger age, methylated MGMT gene
Treatment for medulloblastoma?
resection + craniospinal RT + chemo
What type of tumor is a medulloblastoma and what are the symptoms?
primitive neurectodermal tumor. HA, N/V, ataxia
What are rosenthal fibers associated with?
pilocytic astrocytomas (eosinophilic corkscrew fibers)