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Here are the backs of three cards from an ordinary deck of cards.

You have to identify each card as a queen or king and as a heart or spade based on the following four pieces of information.

There's at least one queen to the right of a king.
There's at least one queen to the left of a queen.
There's at least one heart to the left of a spade.
There's at least one heart to the right of a heart.
Card A = king of hearts
Card B = queen of hearts
Card C = queen of spades
Five athletes were returning from a cross-country race. Athlete C placed third, and athlete E placed second. From the following information, can you tell how athletes A, B, and D placed in the race?
Athlete A was not last. Athlete A came in after E. Athlete D was not first.
Since C was third and E was second, A could only be first or fourth. Since A was behind E, A could not be first; therefore A must be fourth. D could not be first, second, third, or fourth, so D must be fifth. If D is fifth, A fourth, C third, and E second, then B must be first.
Imagine a world in which the colors of things have changed from what we consider normal. Assume the following changes:
Snow is now red.
Grass is now black.
The sky is now brown.
Blood is now white.
Soot is now green.

In such a world, what is the color of dirt?
Dirt is now blue. The puzzle consists of pairs that exchange colors. Since the sky is now brown, brown things become blue.
Five mice — Mindy, Marty, Muriel, Mabel, and Mike — were nibbling the cheese on the kitchen table, but Whiskers the cat chased them back into their hole. Muriel Mouse made it back third, and Mike Mouse was fourth. Mabel Mouse was after Mike, and Marty Mouse was not second. Which mouse was first, and which was last?
Marty Mouse was first and Mabel Mouse was last.
Sally, George, and Frank were picking up their fast-food orders — a burger, a plate of fries, and a slice of pizza. "Who ordered what?" asked the man at the counter. George said, "I didn't order the pizza." The boy who ordered the fries said, "Oh, I thought you did." That was all the man at the counter needed to know. Who got each order?
George got the burger, Frank got the fries, and Sally got the pizza. We know George didn't get the pizza, so he could have gotten the fries or the burger. But someone else got the fries, so George had to get the burger. Furthermore, we know that it was Frank who got the fries, because he is the only boy in the group besides George. So that leaves Sally with the pizza.