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Identify the finding:

Thyroid FNA
Subacute (granulomatous) thyroiditis aka-DeQuervain's

There is a multinucleated giant cell with epithelioid histiocytes and some lymphocytes.

This is the one that is most likely in a painful thyroiditis
What inflammatory cell is often increased in the CSFof an individual with multiple sclerosis?
Plasma cells
CSF aspirate:
CSF aspirate:
What are the two characteristic chromosomal abnormalities of oligodendroglioma?
19q- and 1p-

Identify and clarify the following points: How do you determine this type of variant?
Good or bad prognosis?
Tall cell variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma

>50% of tumor shows cells that are 2x as tall as they are wide. 4-10% of PTCs are tcv. Poor prognosis
What is the shelf life of a unit of PRBCs if it is stored in ACD with additive (Optisol,etc)?
45 days
What is the best way to prevent transmission of CMV in blood products?
Leukoreduction--getting rid of WBCs which carry the virus
What is the shelf-life of thawed FFP?
24 hours
How soon after the transfusion of pRBCs can a change in hemoglobin be measured?
15 minutes!
What ABO blood group do all screening cell and panel cells belong to?
Group O
Which Rh haplotype is most common in African Americans?
R0 (that's R, superscript zero)


Just commit this to memory until you learn what it means. It was on RISE both years.
How do calculate total body volume?

Total plasma volume?
TBV= weight in kilos * "70"

TPV = TBV * (1-hct)
What blood group is associated with chronic granulomatous disease?
What are clinical scenarios associated with: HLA-A3
A3- hemochromatosis***, myasthenia gravis
B27-Ankylosing spondylitis
DR3-multiple sclerosis, narcolepsy, Goodpastures, primary biliary cirrhosis
What is the best way to prevent transmission of CMV through blood products?
a) irradiation
b) washing
c) leukoreduction
d) freezing with glycerol
e) only Rh negative units
the answer is leukoreduction. CMV travels in WBCs! Irradiation does not work!
What stains could help you identify a medullary carcinoma of the thyroid?
Congo red (for amyloid), Calcitonin, chromagrannin, synaptophysin, cytokeratins, TTF-1

Thyroglobulin is negative
Identify: thyroid, FNA:
Lymphocytic thyroiditis...Hashimoto's
A patient presents with a palpable thyroid nodule and FNA is performed. Which of the following cell types or material, if comprising the majority of the specimen, would allow you to establish adequacy?
a) colloid
b) smooth muscle
c) ciliated cells
d) follicular cells
e) lymphocytes
follicular cells
Graves disease

Hyperplastic epithelium with a lot of infolding
What mutations are common in tall cell variant of Papillary thyroid carcinoma?
BRAF (>90%) and RET/PTC3 rearrangements
This specimen was taken from an extra-axial mass. What immunohistochemical stain could help differentiated this from a glial lesion?
EMA (its a meningioma)
What stain is super-helpful in determining neuronal differentiation in the CNS?

and others--NSE, neuronal filament protein
What blood group antigen is related to Parvovirus B19 infection?
P antigen
What is the universal donor for "plasma products?"