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appreciation of quality, shape, size and sensation of pain, temperature, touch and speech
parietal lobe
primarily involved with vision
occipital lobe
responsible for short term memory, smell and hearing
temporal lobe
The outer cortical surface is covered with convulted fissures called
the elevations around the sulci are called
The brain and spinal cord are bathed in
Cerebrospinal fluid
Cerebrospinal fluid is located with the
choroid plexus
the choroid plexus is located
within the ventricles.
crucially involved in sensory perception
functions to regulate sleep patterns, body temperature, metabolism, appetite and sex drive
name 4 categories of sleep disorders
medical/psychiatric disorders
Proposed sleep disorders
Primary disorders of the sleep mechanism involving difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep or excessive sleepiness. subdivided into 3 groups
Intrinsic sleep disorders
Extrinsic sleep disorders
circadian rhytm disorders
sleep disorders that originate or develop within the body. can be psycholigical or medical
Intrinsic sleep disorders
origninate or develop from external causes outside the body
extrinsic sleep disorders
related to the timing of sleep can be intrinsic or extrinsic
circadian rhythm disorders
disorders that intrude into the sleep process and are not disorders of sleep and wake states.
4 groups of parasomnias
Arousal disorders
Sleep-wake transition disorders
parasomnias associated W/ REM
other parasomnias
disorders that occur during the transition from wake to sleep or from one stage to another
sleep wake transition disorders
4 subgroups of medical/psychiatric sleep disorders
Associated with mental disorders
assoc. with neuro. disorders
assoc. with other med. disorders
4 subgroups of intrinsic dysomnias
sleep related breathing disorder
Limb movement disorders