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The brain has 2 important functional systems, what are they?
Reticular formation and the limbic system
What is meant by the functional systems of the brain?
Systems that work together for a common function, even though their components may be scattered throughout the brain
What is the reticular formation of the brain, where is it?
A loosely organized core of gray matter that projects vertically through the core of the midbrain, pons, and medulla. It also extends slightly into the diencephalon and the spinal cord as well.
What does the motor componenet of the reticular formation communicate with and what is it responsible for?
Communicates with the spinal cord and is responsible for regulating muscle tone (especially when the muscles are at rest)
what component of the reticular formation communicates with the spinal cord and is responsible for regulating muscle tone?
Motor component
What does the motor component of the reticular formation assist with?
The autonomic centers in the medulla and pons to help control respiration, blood pressure, and heart rate
The sensory component of the reticular formation is resonsible for doing what?
alerting the cerebrum to incoming sensory information
What is the sensory component of the reticular formation also known as?
Reticular activating system "RAS"
What does the RAS contain that project into the cerebral cortex?
sensory axons
What is the RAS responsible for?
maintaining a state of awareness or consciousness.
Within the RAS, a person's level of consciousness exists on a continuum, what does that mean?
From a high state of cortical activity (alertness) to a natural, temporary absence of consciousness from which a person can be aroused by normal stimulation (sleep)
if the sensory component is damaged, what can happen?
What stimuli does the RAS process and how does it use this information?
visual, auditory, and touch stimuli and uses this information to keep us in a state of mental alertness
How does the RAS arouse us from sleep?
When the RAS receives stimulatory sensory information and sends it to the cerebrum.
Why do you sleep?
RAS is not stimulated to act
What are the pathologic states of unconsciousness in the CV on 532?
Coma, sycope, stupor, persisten vegetative state (PSV)
What is PSV and why is it controversial?
Persistent vegetative state, condition in which the person has lost his or her thinking ability and awareness of the environment, but noncognitive brain functions continue. Controversial because of Terry Schiavo