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def of bradycardia
HR <60 bpm & inadequate for clinical condition
first three things to do
1) maintain patent airway
2) assist breathing as needed
3) give oxygen
Check and continually monitor these three things
1) ECG (identify rhythem)
2) Blood pressure
3) puse ox
What do you check for next?
Is there adequate perfusion
What are the signs or symptoms of poor perfusion caused by bradycardia?
1) acute altered mental status
2) ongoing chest pain
3) hypotension
If patient has adequate perfusion what do you do
If patient has poor perfusion, what do you do?
Prepare for transcutaneous pacing
(without delay for high degree block [type II, 2nd degree or 3rd degree block)
Any medications you should use while your waiting?
Atropine 0.5mg IV
How often do you repeat Atropine?
and what is the max dose?
every 3-5 minutes
3 mg
Any other drugs you can consider infusing while waiting for pacing?
Epinephrine (2-10ug/min) or dopamine (2-10ug/kg/min
Then what?
Cardiology consult to prepare for tansvenous pacing