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The Dorsal Scapular Nerve Root is
The Dorsal Scapular Nerve Innervates what muscles?
Rhomboid and Levator Scapulae
What are the functions of the The Rhomboids and the levator scapulae?
Rhombs- Retraction of the scapula

Levator- Elevates the scapula
The Long Thoracic Nerve Innervates which muscles
Serratus anterior
What is the nerve root(s) of the long thoracic nerve?
C5, C6, C7
What is the function of the serratus anterior?
The main function of the serratus anterior is to protract the scapula. It also helps stabalize the scapula and assists in upward rotation of the scapula.
What is the nerve root(s) of the subclavian nerve?
C5, C6
What muscle does the subclavian nerve innervate?
The subclavius muscle.
The subclavian muscle's function is..
Depression of the shoulder, carrying it downward and forward. It draws the clavicle inferiorly as well as anteriorly. This muscle protects the underlying bracial plexus and subclavian vessels from a broken clavicle- the most frequently broken long bone.
What is the nerve root(s) for the suprascapular nerve?
C5 and C6
What muscle(s) is innervated by the suprascapular nerve?
supraspinatus and infraspinatus
What is the funtion of the supraspinatus and infraspinatus
Supraspinatus- ABD of the arm at the shoulder jt. It is often described as the initiator of shulder ABD b/c it is the main agonist muscle for the first 15 degrees of shoulder ABD. Beyond 15 degrees the deltoid is the main agonist for ABD.

Along with other rotator cuff muscles it helps resist gravity.

It also helps to stabalize the shoulder joint by keeping the head of the humerus firmly pressed medially against the glenoid fossa of the scapula.

It is the lateral (external rotator) of the glenohumeral joint and ABD of the arm.

The infraspinatus and the teres minor rotate the head of the humerus outward (ext rot) they also assist in extention of the arm.
What are the nerve roots for the lateral pectoral nerve?
C5, C6, and C7
What are the muscles innervated by the lateral pectoral nerve?
Pec major and minor (by communicating with the medial pectoral nerve)
The nerve roots for the musculocutaneous nerve are?
c5, c6, c7
Muscles innervated by the musculocutaneous nerve are?
coracobracialis, bracialis, and biceps brachii
what are the fuctions of coracobracialis, bracialis, and biceps brachii?
Coroco- shoulder flexion and and ADD

Brachialis- The brachialis is the strongest flexor of the elbow. Unlike the biceps, the brachialis does not insert on the radius, and therefore cannot participate in pronation/supination of the forearem.

Biceps brachii-
This muscles works across three joints.

It helps to flex the arm, flex the elbow joint, aids in supination of the forearm
Lateral root of the median nerve

Nerve roots?
c5, c6, c7
What are the nerve roots for the subscapular nerve and what is the muscle innervated by it?
c5, c6
upper part of the subscapularis
What is the function of the subscapularis?
Internal rotation
When the arm is raised, it draws the humerus forward and downward. It helps stabalize the humerus from being subluxed.
What is the nerve roots for the the thoracodorsal nerve and what is the muscle it innervates?
c6, c7, c8
lat. Dorsi
What is the funtion of the lat. dorsi?
ADD, IR and EXT of the shoulder. Depresses the scapula
What are the nerve roots for the lower lower subscapular nerve?

What are the muscles innervated by this nerve?
c5, c6
lower part of the subscapularis and the teres major.
What is the origin and action of teres major?
Origin- Distal angle of the scapula
Insertion is the interubucular groove of the humerus.

ADD, IR, and EXT of the shoulder.
What is the nerve root of the axillary nerve?
What muscles does the axillary nerve innervate?
ant branch: deltoid and small area of overlying skin

posterior branch: teres minor and deltoid muscles.
What is the origin and function of the teres minor
origin- lateral border of the scapula
insertion- lower facet of the greater tubercle of the humerus

ER of shoulder, draws humerus towards the glenoid cavity.
Radial nerve

c5, c6, c7, c8, T1
Muscles Innervated by Radial nerve
Triceps Brachii, anconeus, the extensors of the forearm, and brachioradialis
Medial Pectoral nerve roots and muscles it innervates.
C8 and T1 Pec major and pec minor
Ulnar nerve root and muscles it innervates.
C8, T1
Flexor Carpi Ulnaris
Medial 2 bellies of Flexor Digtorm Profundus, most of the small muscles of the hand.