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What is a Panacea?
It is a plant that is said to cure anything
what is a snake oil?
It is an alleged panacea originally sold by people who would say it was snake oil and would cure anything
where is ginseng from?
East Asia and east north America.
what is the history of Ginseng?
The man root. legends of killing whoever pulls it out. used medicinally for thousands of years
How do you get ginseng?
You pull it from the ground and use the root. legends say if you are the one who pulls it out you will get killed so they used dogs to pull it out.
What is special about the economics of Ginseng
Ginseng is sold for close to 1000 dollars a pound
what are the medicinal uses of ginseng?
Ginseng is used as a cure all but no true efficacy has been proven.
Active compounds of ginseng
Ginsenosides- possible anti cancer or anti diabetes
Where does Tea come from?
What is the history of tea
Emperor get tea leaf in hot water, tea is in demand for medicine, spreads to japan then to europe.
what is tea used for
it is used as a cure all
what is it's efficacy?
helps with cardiovascular disease, prevents cancer in animals, helps teeth, kidney stones, weight loss perhaps due to caffeine, antibiotic
what are the active compounds of tea
Caffeine, fluoride, flavonoids
what are the antibiotic effects of tea
limits growth and kills bacterial, reverses some resistances, antiviral and antifungal as well
what are the dangers of tea
kidney stones, reduces potassium, reduces iron uptake, drug interactions, too hot can cause esophageal cancer
what plant does aloe come from
an aloe plant mainly aloe vera
what region is aloe from
it is native to africa especially south africa
what is the history of aloe
mentioned in the bible, greeks and romans used to treat wounds, ancient egyptions used, cleopatra
medicinal uses of aloe
used as a laxative, treats arthritis, eye disease, sinus infections, soothing moisturizing, digestive issues, burns, herpes
what is the efficacy of aloe
proven effective for burns, oral disease, treats scabies, herpes, diabetes
what are the active compounds in aloe
how is aloe used as a food source
poached aloe and in yogurt
what is the source plant of saw palmetto?
it is a palm plant
what region is saw palmetto from?
the americas mainly in the florida, south east united states
what is the history of saw palmetto
Saw palmetto was used by the aboriginals for a variety of problems with digestive and reproduction, tasted terribles but mixed into soft drinks
medicinal uses of saw palmetto
used for testosterone and prostate help, balances hormones, treats bladder inflammation, treats impotence, aphrodisiac, clears congestion, coughs, helps with asthma
efficacy of saw palmetto
no significant difference between saw palmetto and placebo groups. possibly still effective against tumor cells
active compounds of saw palmetto
many active compound including fatty acids, flavonoids, glucose, plant sterols and more
saw palmetto as food
tastes terrible by itself but is used for soft drinks when mixed with carbonated water.
other uses of saw palmetto
used for wax and roof thatches as well as fiber for baskets
side effects of saw palmetto
saw palmetto can cause increased bleeding
what is the source plant of may apple
podophyllum peltatum, berberidaceae, goes by many names, it is a perennial herb
what region is may apple found in
it is found in eastern north america
what is the history of mayapple
used by aboriginals for medicinal purposes
what are the medicinal uses of mayapple
used for laxative, deafness, love medicine, spring tonic, boils, dropsy, cancer, gennital and anal warts, liver problems.
what is the efficacy of mayapple
used widely as anticancer drug, proven effective.
what are the active compounds in may apple
etoposide, teniposide, podophyllotoxin
what is the mode of action of mayapple
act upon dna replication causing reduction in growth and expansion of cancers
what are the side effects of mayapple
bone marrow suppression, verry toxic can cause vomitting rapid heart rate headache diarrhea nausea abdominal pain paralysis dizziness and much more because of toxins
source plant of periwinkle
catharuanthus roseus or periwinkle
what region is periwinkle found in
found in madagascar
what is the history of periwinkle
used all over for many purposes
what are the medicinal uses of periwinkle
anti cancer, used to stop bleeding, for wasp stings, diabetes, asthma, tuberculosis, indegestion
what is the efficacy of periwinkle
very high effectiveness as an anticancer drug
what are the active compounds in periwinkle
vinblastine and vincristine
what are vinchristine and vinbalstine
the active compounds in periwinkle used against cancer
what is the mode of action of periwinkle
attaches to tumors inhibiting growth,
what are the side effects of periwinkle
hair loss, ffetal harm, drug interactions, peripheral neuropathy
source of soy beans
glycine max
what region are soy beans from
east asia
what is the history of soybeans
cultivated in china for 5000 years used as food.
what are the medicinal uses of soybeans
heart health
how effective are soybeans
what active compounds do soybeans have
Cortisone, omega 3 fatty acids
what is the mode of action of soy beans
balance hormones, open arteries
what are the benefits of soybeans
omega 3 fatty accids reduce blood pressure cardiovascular benefits stimulate blood circulation, reduce cholesterol
what are the risks of soybeans
add estrogen, could be bad for women with breat cancer, may block absorption of some minerals
what plant is warfarin from
sweet woodruff, lavender, licorice
what is warfarin used for
anticoagulant, used as rat poison
how is warfarin used medically
anticoagulant, prevents blood from clotting, coumarins
what are the dangers of warfarin
kills babies, hemorrhages, bleed to death, purple toe syndrome
what plant is ricin from
Castor bean
what region is ricin from
africa india, mediterranean basin
what is the history of ricin
ricin terror, cstor oil, used as laxative by egyptians, lamp oil
what is the medical use of ricin
skin problems, draw out styes in the eye, acne, induce childbirth, anti cancer/tumor
what is the efficacy of ricin
effective, clinical trial on people
what are the active compounds in ricin
ricinoleic acid
what is the mode of action of ricin
diarrhea, laxative
side effects of ricin
toxicity of ricin
highly toxic but can be cured
source of curare
loganiaceae, menispermaceae
region of curare
south america
history of curare
used to hunt by indians
types of curare
tube, gourd, or pot
medicinal use of curare
muscle relaxant
efficacy of curare
very effective
active compounds in curare
mode of action of curare
neuromauscular blocking agent, prevents nerve impulses to voluntary muscles
side effects of curare
death? temporary paralysis
toxicity of curare
toxic only if put into bloodstream not if ingested orally
what are fungi
type of fermentation, growth of a life form similar to bacteria, a mold
kinds of fungi
water mold, bread mold, glomeromycota, sac fungi, club fungi
diseases caused by fungi
ruins food, bat disease, sores, rashes
penicillin and it's history
discovered by moldy bread, reports of stopping bacteria growth
mode of action of penicillin
breaks down cell walls in bacteria
what is ganoderma
a giant mushroom from asia
what is ganoderma's medical purposes
anti tumor, prevents cancer mitosis
active compounds of ganoderma
ganoderic acids
what is cordyceps sinensis
an insect fungus
what is the source of cordyceps sinensis
it grows on caterpillars
what is the medicinal use of cordyceps sinensis
used as a cureall, increase strength?
what are the active compounds in cordyceps sinensis
Cordycepic acid
what are the kinds of algae
green, cyanbacteria, diatoms, red, brown
what is the importance of algae
major CO2 fixers, gave rise to green plants
what are the medical applications of algae
high in vitamins, dietary supplement
what are the uses of ferns
ornament, food
what are the medical uses of ferns
stops tapeworm, enlarged spleen, labor pains, cleans digestive tract
symbiosis in lichens
grow with algae or fungus
kinds of lichens
fruticose, crustose, foliose
importance of lichens
early colonizers, important food source, very sensitive to pollution
uses of lichens
natural dyes, perfumes, embalming
medicals applications of lichens
antibiotic, potential anticancer