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House Merlot
Stone cellar by beringer
House Cabernet
Stone cellar by beringer
Grant Burge - Australia
Premium Merlot
Red Diamond
-Washington state
Premium Cabernet
Escudo Rojo
House Pinot Grigio
House Savignon Blanc
- New Zealand
House Chardonnay
Stone cellar
Premium Chardonnary
Chateau St. Jean
North Carolina Clam Chowder - creamy, sweet potatoes, diced clams

Oven Roasted Tomato Bisque w/ scallops - seared local scallop, topped w/ chevre cheese
Classic Ceasar - crispy romaine, housemade croutons, ceasar dressing, shaved parm

House salad - greens w/ julienne carrots + tomato, (VINAGARETTE OR BLUE CHEESE)

Sig Pear salad- mesclun greens, bosc pears, crumbled danish blue cheese, caramelized walnuts, lemon vinagarette
-Lightly battered flash friend gansett oysters
-crispy shrimp
-P.E.I. mussels
-Red onion rings
-cedar plank roasted brie
-tuna tartar
Flash Friend gansett oysters-
- RI oysters
- battered + flash fried
- served w/ chipotle remoulade
Crispy shrimp
- medium size deep water shrimp
- lightly battered + flash fried
- drizzled with citrus-wasabi aioli
PEI mussels
- succulent mussels, steamed w/ lemon garlic white wine broth + local herbs
Thin red onion rings
thinly sliced, lightly battered, flash fried, served in large bowl w/ dipping sauce on the side
cedar plank roasted brie
-triple creme baby brie
-caramelized onion-fig compote
-faccaccia points
tuna tartar
- sesame seed encrusted
- sushi grade ahi tuna
- asian slaw
- drizzled with wasabi aioli
-ceasar topped with :
-grilled chicken
-flash fried gansett oysters
-lightly spiced salmon
___Crabs cakes of house salad
___ Signature pear salad with grilled shrimp
BLT sandwich
-bacon, lettuce, tomato
-white bread+ mayo
-served with potato chips OR french fries or green salad ADD $1.75
grilled portobello mushroom sandwich
-marinated portobello
-melted mozz cheese
-roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato
- potato chips OR fries/green salad (1.75)
grilled chicken sandwich spectacular
-grilled chicken breast on roll
- melted cheddar
-artichoke hearts
- red pepper, lettuce, tomato
boom burger
-melted cabot sharp cheddar
- bacon + sauteed onions
- roll with L+T
-chips or fries/salad(1.75)
classic cheeseburger
-cabot sharp cheddar
fish sandwich and fries
- local fresh flounder
- fried on roll
-lettuce, tomato, avacado tartar sauce on the side
-french fries
Scallop Wrap
-battered + flash fried wrapped in SOFT tortilla with L+T
-avacado tartar on side
grilled cheese and tomato sandwich w/ salad
-White bread
-small green salad w/ vinagarette
flounder francaise
-sauteed boat flounder
-lemon caper beurre blanc
-julienne vegetable sauteed
-jasmine rice
lobster risotto
-maine lobster
-scallops + mussels
- simmered w/ risotto arborio rice
-lemon-basil seafood stock
-diced tomato + sweet peas
flounder with crabmeat sherry cream sauce
-fresh boat flunder
-crabmeat sherry cream sauce
-julienne veges sauteed
-jasmine rice
crispy flounder and fries
-local boat flounder lightly battered + flash fried
- housecut french fries + dressed small green salads
-tartar sauce
PEI mussels
-appetizer or entree
-french fries add 1.75
steak quesadilla
grilled steak sauteed
-melted cheese
-soft tortilla
-served with potato chips
-add 1.75 for subbed fries/green salad
Childrens Penne
marinara or butter
- sprinkled cheese
beverage suggestions
-bloody mary
-boom bellini (peach and fruit nectars)
-arnold palmer
-wine spritzer
-key lime martini