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List the ten world flatteners
+ Windows 3.0 & Fall of Berlin wall
+ Netscape, .Com bubble, Fiber Bubble
+ Work flow management software
+ Offshoring
+ supply-chaining
+ insourcing
+ in-forming
+ open source code
+ steroid technologies
Example of Work Flow
WFMS overcame the problem of distance.
X-rays sent to Bangor for reading; tax accountants sending forms to India for US tax preparation; Higgley Town heroes produced by distributed team
Example of Open sourcing
Apache, wikipedia, linux
Example of outsourcing
Y2K code fixing; Call centers
Example of offshoring
China's autoplant assembling cranckshafts with final refinement in the USA.
Example of supply chaining
A method of collaborating horizontally—among supplier, retailers, and customers—to create value:
Walmart, rfid tags
Example of insourcing
This term refers to the integration of outside vendors into a business’ production processes. UPS engineers will “come right inside your company; analyze its manufacturing, packaging, and delivery processes; and design, redesign, and mangage your whole global supply chain
Example of in-forming
Everyone has access to the same information anytime, anywhere. Google, Yahoo search engines
Example of steroid technology
Technologies that amplify and turbocharge other flatteners.
Wireless technology