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Notecard 1
My book is Martin The Warrior
By Brian Jacques

The genre is Fantasy/Adventure

(Look up, smile, do not move back and forth)
Notecard 2
I chose this book because Brian Jacques writes thrilling adventure books with interesting
chaacters working through tough
situations. He is the type of author that paints pictures with words and makes reading fun with his detailed plots where the "good guy"
always wins.

(Look up, eye contact, smile)
Notecard 3
Why did I choose to dress as the main character, Martin the Warrior?

Because he is the hero of heroes in the Redwall book series and this book tells his story of bravery, courage, strength and truth.

This is the tale of the mouse warrior, Martin, and how he gained his title and fame so appreciated in Redwall history.
( Smile, look up)
Notecard 4
Let me tell you about my friends and foes, the places I have come to know and the places and events that have changed my life and shaped history.

My best friends are:
*Rose - a female mouse
*Grum - a male mole
*Brome - the brother of Rose
*Pallum - a male hedgehog
*Ballaw - a male circus rabbit
*Rownhawk - a female badger/ Ballaw
*Feldoh - hereoic male squirrel

My foes:
* Badrang - a cruel tyrant who enslaves animals and treats them bad.
* Clogg - An enemy of Badrang who treats animals bad.

Marshank is a Medevil fortress made of stone & wood and houses many slaves, like myself.

This story tells of how Badrang killed my family, took my father's sword and enslaved me as a young child.
Notecard 5
Brome, Feldoh and I escape death in Marshank and break out of the fortress. Rose and Grum help me, Brome and Feldoh to break out of Marshank but when we get out to sea, we get separated by a fish who breaks up our boat.
(Look at audience)
Notecard 6
Rose, Grum, pallum and I get to a town called Noonvale. I form an army and travel back to Marshank to save Rose's brother and reclaim my father's sword.

When I get back to Marshank I find out that Brome is fine but that Feldoh died trying to kill Badrang. Brome was in the safe hands of Ballaw the bunny and Rownawk the badger.
(Look at audience)
Notecard 7
If you like stories told during Medevil times.
If you like animal characters.
If you like fantasies and amazing adventures that build on stories of courage and bravery - then this a book for you.

(Make eye contact. Say, "Thank you!")