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first autobiography
the book of margery kempe
who did margery kempe marry
john kempe
how many children did margery kempe have
book of margery kempe excerpt is about what?
her time in Jerusalem; especially about a very compassionate woman and her crying
early ballds of england and scotland known today as (3)
popular, tradiional, or folk ballads
Relqiues of Ancient English Poetry
collection of ballads published by bishop thomas percy
themes of the ballads
disappointed love, jealousy, revenge, sudden disaster, and dees of adventure and daring
last two lines repeated
incremental repitition
repetition of previous lines with slight variations
ballads are _____ in nature
french word for ballace once meant "__ _____"
to dance
summary of sir patrick spens
about a sailor summoned by the king written in middle english
summary of bonnie george campbell
what type of ballad is bonnie george campbell
a border ballad
bonnie george campbell about
bonnie george campbell not returning from a border feud
who fell in love with barbara allan
sir john graeme
two symbols in bonny barbara allan
red rose-john
brier-barbara allan
what is martinmas time
november 11