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What is an electric charge at rest; generally produced by friction or induction?
static electricity
What is the space around a charged object in which another charged object experiences an electric force?
electric field
What is the force of attraction or repulsion on a charged particle that is due to an electric field?
electric force
What is the law that states "like charges repel and opposite charges attract"?
The Law of Electric Charges
What is the material in which charges can move freely?
What is the material in which charges cannot move freely?
Give examples of conductors and insulators?
conductors-copper, aluminum, mercury
insulator-plastic, rubber, glass, wood, air
What is the release of electricity stored in a source?
electric discharge
What occurs in an object in order for it to become charged?
atom loses or gains electrons
What is it when electrons are "wiped" from one object onto another?
What is it when charges in an uncharged metal object are rearranged w/o direct contact?
What is it when electrons move from one object to another by direct contact w/ a charged object?
What is it when no charges are created or destroyed; just their location changes?
What are tiny particles that make up matter?
How are atoms connected to electricity?
-by electrons and protons
-when electrons move an imbalance occurs
What could u use to see if something had a charge?
What is it when an object is providing a path for electric charges to move to Earth?
What is the flow of charges?
electric current
When can an electric current be created?
electric field causes electrons to move in a circuit
What is the unit that expresses current?
Amperes (Amps)
What kind of current is it when charges shift from one direction, to the reverse, and back?
alternating current
What kind of current is it when charges flow in one direction only?
direct current
What is the potential difference between 2 points in a circuit?
The greater the voltage, the greater the ___________ is.
What do most household eletrical outlets in the U.S. usually supply a voltage of?
What is the opposition to electric flow called?
What units is resistance measured in?
What factors affect the resistance of a wire?
What is the device that changes chemical or radiant energy into electrical?
Describe the difference between a wet cell and a dry cell?
wet cell-liquid electrolyte
dry cell-paste like or solid electrolyte
What are the parts of an electric cell and what does each part do?
electrolyte-mixture of chemicals in a cell
-allow charges to flow

electrode-conducts material in a cell
-allow charges to enter and leave cell
What is a device that converts light energy into electrical energy?
What is a thermocouple able to do?
convert thermal (heat) energy into electrical
Where might u find a thermocouple?
car engine, furnace, oven
What has very little, nearly no resistance, and is very cold?
Where are superconductors used?
MRI, generators
What is the unit used to measure resistance to electricity's flow?
What does an increase in resistance do to the current if the voltage stays the same?
it decrease it
What is the rate at which electrical energy is converted into other forms of energy?
electric power
How is electrical energy usage measured?

What are some ways to save energy?
-turn off lights if not in use
-use fans
-don't leave water running