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What are the functions of the skeleton.
Your skeleton has 5 major functions.It provides shape and support,enables you to move,protects your internal organs,produces blood cells and stores certain materials.
what are the 4 major joints.
Ball and socket joints allow the greatest range of motion.
Pivot joint allows 1 bone to rotate around another.
Gliding joint allows 1 bone to slide over another.
Hinge joint,foward and backward motion.
what are the common skeletal system injuries.
Fracture-can occure when you fall so that all of your weight is placed on only a few bones.sprain,dislocation.
What role do moveable joints play in the body.
Moveable joints allow the body to make a wide range of movements.
What is the structure of the bone.
First the outer membrane then compact bone,spongy bone,bone marrow.
How can you keep your body strong and healthy.
a combination of a balanced diet and regular exercise can start you on the way to ma life time of healthy bones.