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What is a vertebrae?
A vertebrae is the 26 small bones that make up your backbone.
What's osteoparosis?
Osteoparosis is a disease in which the bones break.
What are the five major functions of the skeletal system?
It provides shape and support,enables you to move,protects your internal organs,produces blood cells,and stores certain material until your body needs them.
What's a sprain?
A sprain is when ligaments are stretched too far and tear.
What's a dislocation?
A dislocation is when a bone comes out of it's joint.
what's a fracture?
A fracture is a break in the bone.
What do movable joints allow the body to do?
Movable joints allow the body to make a wide range of movements.
What is cartilage?
Cartilage is a connective tissue that is more flexable than bone.
What's a ligament?
A ligament is a strong connective tissue that holds movable joints.
How can you keep your bones strong+healthy?
You can keep your bones strong+healthy by a combination of a balanced diet,regular exercise can start you on your way to a lifetime of healthy bones.
What's a joint?
A joint is a place in the body where two bones come together.
What is a ball-and-socket joint?
A ball-and-socket joints alow the greatest range of motion.
What is a pivot joint?
A pivot joint allows one bone to rotate around another.
What is a gliding joint?
A gliding joint allows one bone to slide over another.
What is a hinge joint?
A hinge joint allows extensive forward or backward motion.