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“sun ray” appearance is seen under which bone lesion?
What’s a Garrington’s sign and what bone lesions is it seen in?
It is a localized symmetrical widening of periodontal ligament space seen in osteosarcoma
46. Atypical looking calcified nodules of cartillages in the larger joints are seen in which lesions
a. Synovial chondromatosis
45. Radiographic appearance of “Loose bodies” is seen in which lesion
a. Synovial chondromatosis
44. Which lesion shows “Chondrometaplasia
a. Synovial chondromatosis
43. Which bone tumor shows reactive sclerosis while which one does not
a. Osteoblastoma = No reactive sclerosis
b. Osteoid osteoma = reactive sclerosis
42. Which bone tumor causes pain that is relived by aspirin while which one is not relieved by aspirin
a. Osteoblastoma = pain not relived by aspirin
b. Osteoid osteoma = pain relived by aspirin
41. Prominent reversal lines are seen in which bone lesions
a. Paget disease of bone
b. Osteoblastoma
c. Osteoid osteoma
40. Lesions that cause facial deformity
a. Osteopetrosis
b. Paget’s disease of bone
c. Familial gigantiform cementoma
d. Osteoma
39. Which lesion shows monotonous arrangement microscopically
a. Fibrous dysplasia
38. Which benign lesion shows trabecular and psammomatoid microscopic pattern
a. Juvenile ossifying fibroma
37. Two fibro-osseous lesions that are well-demacated from surrounding bone while one that has margins blending into surrounding bone
a. Central ossifying fibroma and Juvenile ossifying fibroma is well-demarcated from surrounding bone
b. Fibrous dysplasia has margins that blends into surrounding bone.
36. In bone pathology, there are two lesions that shows bony expansion without perforation of cortex/cortical plate?
a. Fibrous dysplasia & Central ossifying fibroma
• Most common malignancy to originate in bone
What bone lesion shows "sun-burst” if penetrates cortex and may get root resorption
Mesenchymal chondrosarcoma shows biphasic microscopic feature.
Sheets of spindled/round cells: differentiated or undifferentiated?
Chondroid: differentiated or undifferentiated?
Sheets of spindled/round cells: undifferentiated
Chondroid: differentiated
mesenchymal chondrosarcoma can be confused with what other two bone lesions?
Ewing sarcoma
Cell origin of Ewing sarcoma
Is Ewing sarcoma very common/uncommon in jaws?
Uncommon in jaws
Most common symptoms of ewing sarcoma?
Onion peel appearance is characteristic of what lesion
ewing sarcoma
Most common neoplasm involving bone
Name Carcinomas that are most likely to metastasize to bone?
Which bone lesion causes narrowing of the PDL space
Fibrous dysplasia