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The type of ion where ions are made of more than one atom.
A structure that is formed with an orderly three-dimensional arrangement of ions.
The type of bond where there is an attraction between two oppositely charged ions.
Ionic Bond
A chemical type of bond formed when two atoms share electrons.
Covalent bond
A type of covalent bond in which the valence electrons are shared equally.
Polar bond
A compound type that cosists of molecules haveing covalently bonded atoms.
Molecular compound
An atom or group of atoms that has become electrically charged.
A type of covalent bond in which electrons are shared unequally.
nonpolar bond
The type of bond that involves two pairs of electrons that are shared between atoms.
Double bond
What kind of atom has a name change when it becomes an ion?
The name changes for single atoms (usually nonmetals) that become negative ions.
How does an ion form from an atom?
The atoms gains or loses electrons.
What properties may be used to identify ionic compounds?
Crystal Shape
High Melting Points
Electrical Conductivity
Why are ions in an ionic compound attracted to each other?
Because they are oppositely charged and opposites attract.
When an atom loses an electron, it becomes a __________________ ion.
Positively charged