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You can tell a fuze is safe or armed by what means?
External Evidence of Arming
Name is device that controls bomb detonation?
Descride the funtioning time of a fuze
The time required for a fuze to detonate after impact or a present time.
The distance along the trajectory that a bomb travels from the releasing aircraft in an unarmed condition is the
Safe air traval
List the two basic classes of fuzes
Electrical and Mechanical
Describe the basic principle of the mechanical fuze
A mechanical force drives a striker into a detonator (hammer and primer)
What means is used to intiate an electrial fuze
electrical impulse
List the three special safety features incorporated into fuzes
Detonator safe, Shear Safe, Delay Arming Features
What Kind of fuze is an M904
The M904 has how many settings
In what increments are the settings for he M904
2 to 18/2 Seconds
There is a combination of how many functioning delays for the M904
What are the function delays for the M904
0.01/.025/0.05/0.10/0.25 and Non-Delay
How many conditions does the m904 have?
Three safe, armed and partially armed
The M904 Arms and Functions How
By the Rotation of arming vanes and alignment of internal components
What are the release speeds for arming of the M904 Fuse
170- 525 knots
You should never try to reinstall the set screw on an M904 in what settings
2 and 4 seconds
When the M904 is partially armed what indication should you see in the upper observation window
A green background with no numbers visible on settings six or eighteen
What term applies when the functioning time of a fuze is .003 seconds or less
What term applies when the functioning time of a fuze is .003 to .005 seconds
normally electrial fuzes are charged after what situation occurs?
the bomb had been released fromt he rack of the shackle
At what point is the firing train in an M904 Mechanical time fuze fully aligned
When the preselected arming delay elaspes
The MK 339 MOD 1 Fuze is used in what weapon
dispenser weapons