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son of Helaman, brother of Lehi, appointed chief judge, preaches with Lehi, converts 8 thou Lamanites, encircled with fire, reveals secret murder of chief judge, invokes famine in the land, disappears
Amos Sr.
Nephite record keeper, son of Nephi, gives records to son
Amos Jr.
Nephite record keeper, gives records to his brother Ammaron
keeps records, hides them, tells Mormon how and when to hide the plates, deposits records near city of Jashon
King of lamanites, defeated by armies of Mormo, sends epistle to Mormon, many Nephites fall to Aarons army
son of Mormon, last of Nephites, Mormon stores records except for a few given to M, testifies of 3 Ne, seals up plates, gives account of Jaredites, tells of Jaredite destruction, meet readers before judgement bar
King of Nephites in Land of Nephi, commits Amaron & brethren to prison, son of Noah, rejoices of news from Zarahemla, gathers people & tells them to trust in God, brings forth 24 gold plates to AM., makes oath with LAm kig to pay tribute, discovers lam. ambush them, defeated by Lam 3 times, follows gideons plan to escape in the wilderness, joins people of Mosiah, baptized by Alma, delivers 24 to MOsiah
Brother of Jared
first Jaredite prophet, asks Lord not to confound language, chastened by the Lord-repents & is forgiven, instructed to build barges, melts stones for light, sees Christ b/c of faith, given Urim & Thummim, shown all inhabitats of the earth, has 22 sons/daughters, caused mountain to be moved, mighty writer
founder of Jaradites, comes from tower of Babel with brother and friends, asks brother to pray where they should go, dwels in tent for 4 yrs, sails to promised land, thinks the people should have kng
King Mosiah
Nephite King, sends expidition to Lehi-Nephi, has gift of interpretation, recomends people select judges, last neph king, estab system of measurment, promised sons would be saved
first Jaradite King, son of Jared, reigns rightously, 23 sons/8 daughts, succeeded by son
conspires with Jareds daughter to marry, agrees to kill king, initiates secret combo, overthrows kingdom of Omer, marries J daughter, causes death of J, reigns, kills own son, wars with other sons, kingdom destroyed
early Jar. king, begats Jared2, Jared2 rebels, gains half of kingdom, beget Esrom & Coriantumr in captivity, sons regain kingdom, Jared2 plots with Akish to kill O, kingdom overthrown, escapes with fam, appoints Esrom king
son of Alma2, early Jaradite king, goes to Zoramites, had forsaken ministry to go after harlot, b/c of his conduct Zoramites do not believe Alma2s words, Alma2 instructs him on state of soul after death, called to preach again, sails northward