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Biblical Evidence for a 24-hour day
-narrative genre illustrated by wayiqtol forms
-yom + a number = 24 hour day
-"there was evening & there was morning"
-Ex 20, sabbath
Extra-Biblical evidence for a 24-hour day
-nothing gained by lengthening days
-week patterned after creation week
Biblical evidence for a young earth
-straightforward reading of geneologies in Gen 5&11
-dating temple @ 968BC & using 1Kings6's 480 years, age established @ 6-10,000 years
Extra-Biblical evidence for a young earth
-magnetic field decay
-helium in rocks
-salt in sea
-dinosaur blood
-erosion of continents
Points I and II of General Outline of Romans
I. Greetings and Introduction (1:1-15)
II. Theme (1:16-17)
Point III of General Outline of Romans
III. Condemnation: The Need of God's Righteousness (1:18-3:20)
A. unrighteous Gentiles (1:18-32)
B. unrighteous Jews (2:1-3:8)
C. unrighteous mankind (3:9-20)
Point IV of General Outline of Romans
IV. Justification: The Provision of God's Righteousness (3:21-5:21)
A. source of righteousness (3:21-31)
B. example of righteousness (4)
C. blessings of righteousness (5:1-11)
D. imputation of righteousness (5:12-21)
Points V and VI of General Outline of Romans
V. Sanctification: The demonstration of God's Righteousness (6-8)
VI. Restoration: Israel's reception of God's righteousness (9-11)
Points VII and VIII of General Outline of Romans
VII. Application: behavior of God's righteousness (12-15:13)
VIII. Conclusion, Greetings, Benediction (15:14-16:27)
What is the gospel message?
1Corinthians 15 - Christ died for our sins and rose again
How to communicate the gospel to unbelievers
Romans 3:23 - all are sinners
Romans 6:23 - all sinners deserve death
John 3:16 - God sent his son to die in our place
Ephesians 2:8-9 - no one can earn salvation
Romans 10:9 - a person is saved by believing that Jesus is the only way to heaven
Jesus is fully God
John 1 - fully God
John 2 - omniscient
Philippians 3 - omnipotent
Hebrews 1 - immutable
John 1 & Hebrews 1 - performs divine acts
Jesus is fully man
Luke 2 - born of a woman, grew up
Hebrews 2 - physical body
John 13 - human soul/spirit
Unity of divine and human natures
Philippians 2, John 1, 1John 1