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Combat Service Support is support provided to the US Army units through what 3 functions?
Civil Affairs
What are 3 types of logistical support?
Unit Support
Area Support
Task Support
What supplies are those for which requirements can be reasonably predicted... Do not require a requisition for replenishment... are based on troop strength, equipment density forecasts, and /or daily usage factors? These supplies are usually shipped to the users on the basis of pre-planned distribution schemes.
Scheduled Supplies
What supplies are those for which a requisition must be submitted?
Demand Supplies
What supplies are those a commander has decided must be closely controlled because of scarcity, high cost, or mission need?
Regulated Supplies
_________ is defined as the movement and support of forces to the accomplishment of assigned missions.
What are 3 types of distribution?
Unit distribution
Throughput distribution
Supply Point distribution
What is the method of distributing supplies in which the receiving unit is issued supplies in its own area, the transportation being furnished by the issuing agency.
Unit distribution
What type of distribution bypasses one or more levels of command to a lower echelon of command to facilitate speed of receipt and eliminates double handling requirements? (slingloading ammo to frontline)
Throughput distribution
What is the type of distribution in which the receiving unit is issued supplies at a distribution point and moves the supplies in organic transport.
Supply Point Distribution
The primary defense against Level 1 threats (Threat controlled agent activity, Sabotage by threat sympathizers, terrorist activity) rests with whom?
The Unit
The primary defense against Level 2 threats (IED, abandoned cars...) will be both the Unit's _______ ______, and military ______ ________ forces.
defensive measures

police reaction
The primary defense against Level 3 threats (air assaults, amphibious, airborne, battallion size ground force penetrations) will come from where?
Combat forces either diverted from the forward battles or ones who have a rear area protection mission assigned
What trains contain all the CSS elements of a unit in one location. Brigade HDQTRS will normally employ ____ trains while battalions and companies will echelon their trains.
Unit Trains
One characteristic of trains is they are ....
convenient to the units (warfighter/elements supporting) served.
Who will usually control the the combat trains at the battalion level?
Battallion S-4
Who will usually control the the field trains at the battalion level?
Support platoon leader
One principal of Combat Service Support (CSS) is that:
CSS units must be positioned to support the operation and give priority of support to main effort and must survive.
One offensive consideration of Combat Service Support (CSS) is:
Higher Fuel Consumption
One defensive consideration of Combat Service Support (CSS) is:
Ammunition usage increases
The __________ is the most complex operation to support from a CSS perspective.
In retrograde operations, plans must be made to support what 3 things?
-current operations
-movement to the new operation
-future operations
What system will be severely strained during retrograde operations?
_____ _______ is the demonstrated ability to rapidly alert, mobilize, deploy, and operate anywhere in the world. It is also inherently joint in nature.
Force Projection
What level of logistics includes industrial and civilian sector in the communications zone (COMMZ)?
Strategic Logistics
What level of logistics focuses on force reception, infrastructure development, distribution and management of materiel, movements, personnel and health services?
Operational Logistics
What level of logistics supports battles, and engagements?
Tactical Logistics
In tactical logistics the focus is what 6 things?
Arm, Fix, Fuel, Move, Man, and Sustainment of Force
The _______ support battalion is habitually associatied with 3 ground maneuver brigades.
The ________ support battalion provides habitual support to the Aviation Maneuver Brigade.
Aviation Support Battalion (ASB)
In Mortuary Affairs, what are the units responsible for
Search, recovery, evacuation, and transportation of remains for soldiers assigned or attached to the organization
What is the Health Service's mission?
To conserve the fighting strength.
The supply of bulk fuel into the division is based on a forcasted requirement generated by consumers. This is called...
Fuel Forcasting
In what operations are the entire combat platform, crew, ammo, fuel replaced?
Weapons System Replacement Operations (WSRO)
(Graves Registration Program) Who is the only person who can authorize temporary interment?
The geographic commander (Theater Commander)
What factors influence a successful unit maintenance program?
Command Emphasis, Supervisors, Training, Time, Motivation and Resources
Who is responsible for PMCS?
Who supervises PMCS?
All Leaders
What is the main difference in Da Form 2404 and Da Form 5988-E?
2404 - the operator must complete the form heading
5988 - the data for the form heading is automated
What Army pamphlet covers the preparation and management of forms and records required to manage maintenance on Army equipment?
DA PAM 750-8, the Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) User's Manual, 22 AUG 05
Who is responsible for adding or modifying fault data on DA Form 5988-E in the ULLS-G?
The ULLS-G Clerk
What is the ULLS-G Non-Mission Capable Report?
A company-level report that lists all NMC and administratively/ safety dead lined equipment.
Which fault status symbol is considered to be a tool in which the unit commander may use in his decision making?
When utilizing a Equipment Operator's ("-10") technical manual, what column determines if a piiece of equipment is deadlined?
Not Fully Mission Capable If:
In the PMCS workflow process who spot checks PMCS, faults, correctionsand updates the form?
Squad Leader/Immediate Supervisors
An Army Material Status System (AMSS) report covers what reporting period?
16th to the 15th
What does the Non Available Reason(NAR) Code of "M" indicated on the ULSS-G NMCR?
Evacuated to a higher maintenance facility
Who fulfills the role of technical expert for the Unit Level Logistics System (ULLS) in the Battalion?
Battalion Maintenance Technician (BMT)
What are the 5 categories for Maintenance Processes within the ULLS-G?
-Operational Processes
-Equipment Data Update
-Equipment Data Reports
-Maintenance Support Functions
-Army Material Status System (AMSS)
What are 3 functions of the Prescribed Load List (PLL)?
Stockage, Recoverable (RICL or ORIL), Excess
Army Oil Analysis Program is designed to save the Army Money by detecting_______ failures early; lowering cost by reducing the number of _________ failures. It also conserves resources by changing oil ____ ______.
-When needed
How long may the commander authorize a military driver's license?
5 years, until civilian license expires, or has been suspended/revoked
What army regulation governs the Army's Drivers Training Program?
AR 600-55
When are Battle Damage Assessment and Repairs authorized?
Only in Combat
Which records provide the information needed to control the use of equipment?
Operational Records
This form is a central record of faults found during an inspection, faults and repairs required, and BDAR that has been performed?
DA Form 5988-E
This form is used to order a series of tests that provide an indication of equipment and oil condition:
DD Form 2026
This recovery operation involves the assistance of a second similar vehicle to either extract or tow the mired vehicle:
Like Recovery
What are some safety considerations for the motor pool?
Tire safety cages, grounding electrical equipment, eye and ear protection, ground guides, and storage of Hazmat.
Supply discipline can be described as:
the conservation of supplies
Property is broadly classified by the DA as anything that the Army owns and is divided into what 2 categories?
-Real Propery
3 categories of supplies are:
What type of supplies are consumed in use or lose their identity through application?
Expendable- (repair parts)
Expendable Items have an accounting requirements code of "__" in the AMDF.
Expendable Items also include items not consumed in use with a unit price of $____ or less and not otherwise coded with an ARC of "__" or "__" in the AMDF
Durable Items have an accounting requirement code of "__" in the AMDF which includes kits, components of sets... Any other non consumable item with a unit price greater than $___, but less than $______ not coded "X". These items must be Hand Receipted to the reciever.
Nonexpendable items are not consumed in use, retaining thier original identity. They have an ARC code of "__" in the AMDF.
For accounting purposes at the Organizational level, property is broken down into what two types?
-Organizational Property
-Installation property
___________ is the obligation of an individual, officially designated to maintain records of item balance and/or dollar values IAW a prescribed system ...
__________ - the obligation of an individual for the proper custody, care, and safekeeping of property entrusted to his/her possession or under his/her supervision with or without receipt....
______ responsibility applies to individuals whom public arms and/or equipment is entrusted for care and safekeeping; whether in possession, in use, or in storage. *Individuals incur this responsibility when they sign hand receipts.*
Direct Responsibility
What is defined as the personal, joint, or corporate obligation to make good any loss, damage, or destruction of property resulting from fault or neglect of persons concerned. *with or without reciept*
Financial Liability
What are the 2 types of negligence?
Simple and Gross Negligence
______ negligence is the failure to act as a reasonably prudent person would have acted under similar circumstances.
Simple Negligence
______ negligence is an extreme departure from the course of aciton to be expected of a reasonably prudent person...
Gross Negligence
Normally units having a field type mission are organized under a _______.
(MTOE) Modified Table of Organization
What authorization document lists worldwide recommended allowances of common items?
(CTA) Common Table Allowances
A TOE (Table of Organizaiton and Equipment) is/is not an authorization document?
Is Not
What authorization document does not prescribe the mission, personnel, and equipment of a unit?
(CTA) Common Table Allowances
Supply Class I-
Supply Class II-
Clothing, tools, and equipment
Supply Class III-
Petroleum, oils, and lubricants (POL)
(2 gategories - bought fuel, and packaged products)
Supply Class IV-
Construction items, barrier materiel
Supply Class V-
Ammunition, explosives
Supply Class VI-
Personal demand items (Army Echange (PX))
*Supply Class VII-
Major end items (trucks, helicopters)
Supply Class VIII-
Medical Supplies and medical repair parts
*Supply Class IX-
Repair parts and components (recovery codes)
Supply Class X-
nonmilitary items in support of the State Department
What authorization document is used to compute the basic load of class I, III, and V?
(MTOE) Modified table of Organization and Equipment
Force/Activity Designator (FAD) deals primarily with _______ _________ and is determined by the Joint Chiefs of staff.
Mission Importance
A Priority Designator (PD) of 03 may be used by ___ activities reguardless of FAD for _______ or ________ supplies or equipment required immediately to save life or prevent suffering or distress.


DA form 1687 is used when a responsible individual wants to _________ one or more military or civilian personnel ad authorized representatives for receipt for ________.

On a DA Form 2062 (Hand Receipt/Annex Number) Who maintains the original? Duplicate Copy?
Original - Hand reciept holder

Copy - PBO/Commander
The issue of property on a hand receipt (DA 2062)establishes ________ responsibility.
Direct Responsibility
DA form 3161 will be used for ____ and ______ transactions between the Commander/PBO and the hand receipt holder.

When the DA Form 3161 is used as a change document, it will be adjusted at least every ___ months from the date entered on the oldest form.
6 months
DA Form 3161, when used as a *temporary hand receipt* is only valid for ____ days.
Command (Supply Ops) inspections will include inspection of these 3 things...
-Ensure compliance with the AR 710-2
-Comprehensive review of the property book, document registers, document files, hand receipts, due-in status files, and the PLL
-A verification of School trained peronnel / OJT up to date...
An _________ is a physical count of supplies and equipment on hand.
Upon change of hand receipt holder, and inventory must be completed within ___ days.
The ______ inventory is performed in lieu of the annual responsible officer inventory when the responsible officer elects to do it, or the property book is kept at other than Unit level and PBO requires it.
Cyclic inventory
Cyclic inventories a re conducted when?


A DA Form 4949 (Administrative Adjustment Report will be used at property book level when there is no actual loss of property involved and the following criteria is met:
Relief from responsibility / accountability can be obtained by these 2 forms:
DD Form 200 (financial liability Investigation

DD Form 362 (Statement of Charges or Cash Collection Voucher)
Sensitive items are inventoried how often?
Hazardous items are inventoried how often?
What army regulation provides info with regard to the preparation of Financial Liability Investigations, and indicates responsibilities of all individuals involved?
AR 735-5
Who is responsible for initiating a Financial Liability Investigation when property is lost damaged or destroyed?
The individual responsible for the property (normally the hand receipt holder or accountable officer)
When is a DD Form 200 (Financial Liability Investigation) prepared?
A sensitive item is lost or destroyed.
Exceeds person's monthly basic pay.
When directed by Inventory Adjustment Report (AIR) Approving Authority
The investigating Officer for an IAR (Inventory Adjustment Report) may be a Commissioned Officer, Warrant, or NCO from what paygrades? (notify Individual)
E-7 and Above or a civilian employee GS-7 and above
An investigating officer must be ______ to complete a detailed investigation
A DD Form 362 (Statement of Charges/Cash Collection Voucher) is used when a unit commander or Primary Hand Reciept holder determines the property lost is due to neglect.... Liability is ________, the item is not ________, and the charge must not exceed the individual's _________ _________ _________.
Monthly Basic Pay
What is the maximum # of days allowed for the submission of financial responsibility investigation?
15 days
What is the primary objective of Army Aviation Maintenance?
To provide safe, fully mission-capable aircraft to satisfy mission requirements.
When requestd by (AMCs) Aviation Maintenance Company, (ASCs) Aviation Support Companies also provide what?
Backup unit maintenance support
What level of maintenance is partnered with industry to overhaul, repair, modify, retrofit, and modernize Army aircraft and related engines and components?
Aviation Depot Maintenance

(CCAD - Corpus Christi Army Depot)
What is the primary tool for assigning tasks within the 3 levels Of Army Aviation?
The Maintenance Allocation Chart (MAC)
The (MAC) Maintenance Allocation Chart assigns maintenance functions based on past experience and the following: (3 things)
Skills available

Time required

Tools and test equipment required / available
What are the 3 maintenance categories?
AVUM - Unit

AVIM - Intermediate

On the MAC the Maintenance Categories are as follows:
D = Depot
-.- represents what on the MAC?
Man hours required are unknown.
2.0 or 0.2 on the MAC represents what?
Estimated Man-Hours required to form the task.
A maintenance function that cannot be performed at the assigned level of maintenance for any reason may/may not be evacuated to the next higher task.
The ________ __________ section of maintenance manages aircraft maintenance and supply functions of the aviation unit.
(PC) Production Control
________ __________ procedures can ensure an acceptable level of quality while reducing inspection requirements and management efforts.
(QC) Quality Control
_______ ________ manages all repair parts, bench stock, and common hardware.
Technical Supply
The ________ _________ section of AVUM units are responsible for unit-level maintenance of aircraft that is beyond the capability or responsibility of the crewchief. (Scheduled Maint., Unsched. Maint., etc.)
Aircraft Maintenance
_______ _______ ______ performs repair and preventive maintenance on aircraft components and structures that require a higher degree of specialized technical skills.
Aircraft Component Repair
Aircraft Component Repair is broken down into what 7 shops?
What are 3 types of Aviation Supply?
Initial Stockage Repair Parts

Demand Support

Non-Demand Support
What items are low cost, high use, used and unpredictable rates?
Who can approve it?
Bench Stock

The AVUM Maintenance Officer
What items are normally high cost, sort in supply repart part/components that are very tightly controlled?
(SSF)Single Stock Funded items
The PLL number of line items is unlimited.
The type of scheduled maintenance that most Army helicopters follow is:
Phase Maintenance Inspections (PMI)
The ________ _______ ________ is required after teh last flight of the mission day.
(in conjunction with Phase Maintenance)
Preventive Maintenance Daily (PMD)
What aircraft follows the Progressive Phase Maintenance (PPM) Inspection System?
Aircraft readiness is reported in what 2 categories?
Not Mission Capable (NMC)

Not Mission Capable (MC)
Not Mission Capable Supply (NMCS) time will start when?
When work stops because of lack of part and the request is not filled within 1 hour.
Two categories of Mission Capable are:
(FMC) Fully Mission Capable

(PMC) Partial Mission capable
The goal of the Unit Level Logistic System for Aviation (ULLS-a) is to help units achieve the highest level of readiness by _________ supply, aircraft forms, and records and maintenance management functions.
ULLS-A goal for the Flight Company is -
To have each airframe have it's own computer with a printer for every 3 computers.
If your actual bank time is above your optimum your fleet is OVER / UNDER flown.
Bank Time > Optimum =
Under Flown
MWOs Are authorized for application by what?
(DAMWO) DA Modification Work Orders
_____ MWOs must be applied.
(3 types) Urgent, Emergency, and Routine
What type of MWO deals with
minor alterations, special purpose, or special mission modifications (must be approved by AMCOM)?
______ reports substandard quality conditions.
What category of PQDR is most severe? and must be reported with in 24 hours?
Category I
Category II PQDRs will be reported when?
-within 5 working days of the discovery of the fault
What 2 Programs supplement the supply system?
Controlled exchange

Cannibalization - authorized removal of parts of equipment is designated for disposal (AMCOM approval reqd.)
Who is responsible for ensuring proper GSE is on hand and maintenance of?
The Unit
The purpose of __________ is to rapidly return the disabled equip. to the operational commander by expediently fixing, bypassing, or jury-rigging components.
(BDAR) Battle Damage Assessment and Repair
What are the 2 phases of BDAR?
Assessment and Repair
What label verifies that he instrument was calibrated to the specifications listed in an approved calibration procedure?
DA Label 80 (US Army Calibrated Instrument Label)
What label verifies that the instrument received a limited calibration in that certain parameters could not be calibrated?
DA Label 163 (US Army Limited or Special Calibration Label)
When is "VOID" printed on the calibration label?
When the calibration of an instrument is doubtful for any reason.
Oil Analysis is used as a diagnostic tool to determine the ______ condition of used oil and the ______ condition of the lubricated systems components.

What 2 methods are used to diagnose problems by Oil Analysis?
Physical property tests- determines property changes resulting from changine equipment conditions or maint. problems

Spectrometric Analysis- determines wear of metals...
What type of oil sampling procedure is preferred and should be taken whenever possible?
Tubing method
In an aircraft logbook entry, what do the following marks indicate? -, /, X....