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caenum, caeni N N
mud, mire, filth, slime, dirt,
rupes, rupis N F
cliff; rock;
trames, tramitis N M
footpath, track; (stream) bed; course;
callis, callis N M
rough/stony track, path;
frenum, freni N N
check/restraint/brake; mastery; bridle/harness/rein/bit; harnessed horses/team;
turbidus, turbida, turbidum ADJ
confused, disordered; wild/stormy; muddy/turbid; murky/foggy/clouded/opaque; gloomy,
flatus, flatus N M
blowing; snorting; breath; breeze;
edo, edare, edidi, edatus
give out, put forth, emit; publish; relate; beget;
fugax, (gen.), fugacis ADJ
fleeting; flying swiftly; swift; avoiding, transitory
alteruter, alterutra, alterutrum ADJ
one or the other; either; both;
arva, arvae N F
arable land, plowed field; soil, region; countryside;
ferax, feracis (gen.), feracior -or -us, feracissimus -a -um ADJ
fruitful, fertile
sublevo, sublevare, sublevavi, sublevatus
lift up, raise; support;
stratus, strata, stratum ADJ
famula, famulae N F
maid, handmaiden, maid-servant;
redimio, redimire, redimivi, redimitus
encircle with a garland, wreathe around;
inexpletus, inexpleta, inexpletum ADJ
rogus, rogi N M
funeral pyre
praetereo, praeterire, praeterivi(ii), praeteritus V
pass/go by; disregard/neglect/omit/miss; surpass/excel;
contabesco, contabescere, contabui,
pine away; melt/waste slowly/completely away, decline in health; be consumed,
hisco, hiscare,
open, gape; open the mouth to speak;
oblecto, oblectare, oblectavi, oblectatus
delight, please, amuse;
praegravo, praegravare, praegravavi, praegravatus
weigh down, burden;
contumax, contumacis (gen.), contumacior -or -us, contumacissimus -a -um ADJ
proud, unyielding, stubborn, defiant
tempestivus, tempestiva, tempestivum ADJ
seasonable; opportune, timely;
ingruo, ingruere, ingrui, - V
advance threateningly; make an onslaught on; break in, come violently, force;
alacritas, alacritatis N F
eagerness, enthusiasm, ardor,
liveo, livere, -, - V
be livid or discolored; be envious;
idcirco ADV
on that account; therefore;
caducus, caduca, caducum ADJ
tottering/unsteady; falling, fallen; doomed; perishable; futile;
luo, luere, lui, luitus V
pay; atone for; [poenam luere => to suffer punishment]
census, census M
wealth/property; estate valuation/appraisal;
segnis, segne,
slow, sluggish, torpid, inactive; slothful, unenergetic; slow moving, slow;
exosus, exosa, exosum
suppeto, suppetere, suppetivi, suppetitus
be available, be at hand; be equal to; be sufficient for;
solamen, solaminis N
source of comfort, solace;
enato, enatare, enatavi, enatatus
survive; escape by swimming
luctuosus, luctuosa, luctuosum
mournful; grievous;
rixor, rixari, rixatus sum
quarrel violently, brawl, dispute;
exubero, exuberare, exuberavi, exuberatus
surge or gush up; be abundant, be fruitful;
degener, (gen.), degeneris ADJ
inferior to ancestors; ignoble, unworthy, untrue, contemptible
orbus, orba, orbum ADJ
bereft, deprived,childless;
caelebs, (gen.), caelibis ADJ
unmarried (usu. men), single, widowed, divorced; celibate; not supporting vines
delictum, delicti N
fault/offense/misdeed/crime/transgression; sin; act short of standard; defect;