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sulcus ī, m
a furrow; A trench, ditch
pergō perrēxī, perrēctus, ere
to go on, proceed, press on, hasten, continue,
legō lēgī, lēctus, ere
gather, collect
stringō inxī, ictus, ere
bind tight, compress, press together; pluck off, cut away, clip, prune
palmes itis, m
aptō āvī, ātus, āre
to adapt, fit, apply,; To accommodate, ; To make ready, prepare
praesideō sēdī, —, ēre
to guard, watch, protect, defend
ex(s)ors, -tis
deprived of
salūbris (m salūber, O.), is, e, adj.
health-giving, healthful, wholesome, salubrious, salutary
ambigō ere, only present stem
to go about, go around, avoid: patriam, Ta.—Fig., to hesitate, waver, doubt, be in doubt about
in-rēpō (irr-) rēpsī, —, ere,
to creep in, slip in, be stealthily inserted, steal in
intentiō ōnis, f
an exertion, effort, application, attention straining, tension; purpose, intention
aditus ūs, m
approach, access
sospĭtas , ātis, f.
nēquam indecl adj.
wicked, worthless, good for nothing
fōmes itis, m
kindling-wood, tinder
hiatus, hiatus N M
opening/cleft/fissure/split/crevice; (maybe rude); chasm;
obticesco, obticescere, obticui, -
here: struck dumb ;meet a situation with silence;
tabesco, tabescere, tabui, -
dissolve; dry up, evaporate; waste away, dwindle away;
fucus, fuci N M
disguise/sham; dye; (as cosmetic) rouge;
insperatus, insperata, insperatum
unhoped for, unexpected, unforeseen;
incesso, incessere, incesivi, incessus
assault, attack; reproach, abuse
adytum, adyti N N
innermost part of a temple, sanctuary, shrine; innermost recesses/chamber;
descisco, desciscere, descivi, descitus
desert/defect/revolt; diviate/abandon standard/principle
degusto, degustare, degustavi, degustatus
taste; taste/try/eat/drink a little of; glance at; graze; sip;
mollis, mollis, molle
soft; flexible; calm; gentle; pliant
jucundus, jucunda, jucundum
pleasant; delightful; pleasing, agreeable
haustus, haustus N M
drink; draught; drawing
suadela, suadelae N F
succino, succinere, -, - V
sing to, accompany; (in speech) chime in;
luctus, luctus N M
grief, sorrow, lamentation, mourning; cause of grief;
inusitatus, inusitata -um
unusual, uncommon; strange, unfamiliar; unwonted;
towards, opposite
illecebra, illecebrae N F
allurement, enticement, means of attraction;
velo, velare, velavi, velatus
veil, cover, cover up; enfold, wrap,
prorsus ADV
absolutely, entirely, utterly,
innotesco, innotescere, innotui, -
become known