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indolesco, indolescere, indolui,
feel pain of mind; grieve;
pessumdo, pessumdare, pessumdedi, possumdatus
destroy, ruin; sink, send to the bottom
fames, famis N F
hunger; famine; want; craving;
indicta coemtio
compulsory sale of grain to the state (at a price below market) imposed (indicta) on a province in time of special need
profligo, profligare, profligavi, profligatus
overthrow, rout;
faux, faucis N F
gullet/throat/neck/jaws/maw; narrow pass/shaft/strait
hio, hiare, hiavi, hiatus
be wide open, gape; be greedy for; be open-mouthed
exacerbo, exacerbare, exacerbavi, exacerbatus
enrage/provoke; aggravate/make worse; grieve, afflict
tutus, tuta -um, tutior -or -us, tutissimus -a -um ADJ
safe, prudent; secure; protected;
aulicus, aulica, aulicum
here: people of the aula: "courtiers"; of/belonging to the imperial/prince's household; princely;
astruo, astruere, astruxi, astructus
build on/additional structure; heap/pile (on); add to/on, contribute, provide;
but, yet, notwithstanding, however,
vilitas, vilitatis N F
cheapness; worthlessness;
infitior, infitiari, infitiatus sum
deny; not confess/acknowledge; withhold; disown; repudiate
series, seriei N F
row, series, succession, chain, train,
fraus, fraudis N F
fraud; trickery, deceit; imposition, offense, crime
dirigo, dirigere, direxi, directus
direct, steer, guide, align, point;
eventus, eventus N M
outcome, result
excipio, excipere, excepi, exceptus
follow; take out; remove; receive; ward off, relieve;
propensus, propensa, propensum
ready, eager, willing; favorably disposed;
reatus, reatus N M
state/condition of being accused; accusation, charge
fusco, fuscare, fuscavi, fuscatus
darken, blacken
insitus, insita, insitum
inserted, incorporated, attached; grafting (plant); innate;
penetral n N sg
inner chamber, sanctuary
cumulus, cumuli N M
heap/pile; finishing touch, consummation, pinnacle, summit, peak, crown; ending of speech;
existimatio, existimationis N F
opinion (good/public); reputation/name; (forming of) judgement/view; credit;
exuo, exuere, exui, exutus
strip, deprive of; lay aside, cast off; pull off; undress, take off;
fluito, fluitare, fluitavi, fluitatus
float; flow; waver;
officina, officinae N F
workshop; office;
discrimen, discriminis N N
crisis, separating line, division; distinction, difference;
facinus, facinoris N N
deed; crime; outrage;
laetor ātus, ārī,
to rejoice, feel joy, be joyful, be glad
frēnum or fraenum , i, n
reins of dominion; a bridle, curb, bit
ob-tempĕro (opt- ), āvi, ātum, 1,
to comply, attend, conform, submit, obey
fundō āvī, ātus, āre
establish, fix, confirm; make a foundation, found, begin
vāllum ī, n
a line of palisades, palisaded rampart, intrenchment, circumvallation
mūnīmen inis, n
a defence, fortification, rampart, enclosure
in like manner, as well, as much, alike
ebur oris, n
requīrō sīvī, sītus, ere
to seek again, look after, search for
strictim adv.
superficially, cursorily, summarily, briefly
damnum ī, n
hurt, harm, damage, injury, loss
opīniō ōnis, f
opinion, reputation, estimate, expectation
pēnsō āvī, ātus, āre, freq.
to weigh, weigh out; To compensate, recompense, requite
in-dūrēscō uī, —, ere,
to grow hard on, stiffen upon