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Name common functions of proteins and examples for each function.
1) Enzymes: DNA polymerase
2) Structural: Elastin
3) Protein pumps: Multi-drug resistance integral protein
4) Ligands: Insulin
5) Receptors: Insulin receptr
6) Contractile: myosin
7) Carriers: hemoglobin
8) Protective: immunoglobins
Name 3 sources of diversity in proteins from genes.
1) mRNA editing
2) Splicing
3) Post-translation modification
What are the 4 levels of Protein structure?
1) Amino acid sequence
2) Protein folds (helix and sheets)
3) Native/fully folded polypeptide
4) Homo or hetero subunit interactions/holoenzyme
What causes emphysema in smokers?
Oxidation of alpha1-antitrypsin to another compound leads to destruction of elastic fiber and connective tissue in proteins of alveoli b/c of elastase.
Why can resistance to one drug lead to multi-drug resistance?
There is an integral membrane protein that can pump out drugs - if you increase number of pumps for one drugs, it will work for other drugs as well.
How can the multi-drug resistance pump work against cisplatin, the cancer therapeutic?
Cisplatin normally distorts DNA so that replication cannot be completed and cancer cell dies, but multi-drug res. pump can pump out Cisplatin along with other pumps, rendering it useless.
What causes defects in 15% of all genetic diseases?
defects in mRNA splicing