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What is a capillary ?
A blood vessel that connects an artery and a vein.
What is an artery ?
A blood carrying vessel from the heart to the blood cells.
What is a circulatory system ?
The group of organs that carries nutriens,oxygen,and other subtances to all cells of the body.
What is a bronchi ?
The two tubes through which air enters the lungs.
What is a diaphragm ?
A muscle that contracts and moves down when a person breaths in.
What is a red blood cell ?
A blood cell that carries oxygen to the body cells.
What is a platelet ?
A piece of a cell that helps the blood to clot.
What is a vein ?
A blood vessel that carries blood from body cells to the heart.
What is a plasma ?
The liquid part of the blood.
What is a respiratory system ?
The group of organs that brings air into and out of the body.
What is a white blood cell ?
A blood cell that helps the body fight infection and diease.
What is a kidney ?
An organ that removes waste water from blood.