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Stored energy...
Potential energy
(measured in joules) 12A
Energy in motion...
Kinetic energy
(mesured in joules) 12A
Formula for potential energy...
m = mass
g = 9.8 m/s2 (gravity)
h = height 12A
Formula for kinetic energy...
KE= 1/2 m v2
m = mass
v2= velocity squared 12A
The law of conservation or energy or the first law of thermodynamics...
Energy can be changed from form to form but can never be created or destroyed. 12A
Conservation principles govern...
the way energy change from one form to another. 12A
The capacity to do work...
energy 12A
joules units =
kg x m2

What are the eight types of energy?

The really short chemical engineer must make nickels.
Thermal, radiant, sound, chemical, electrical, magnetic, mechanical, and nuclear 12B
Radiant energy travels in...
waves. 12B
Forms of this energy include x-rays, radio, light, and infrared rays...
radiant energy. 12B
Mechanical energy is in...
everything that moves (KE) or anything that could move (PE) 12B
Sound energy differ from light energy because...
they have to travel through matter. 12B
Themal energy is related to the...
motion of molecules in matter. 12B
Heat is the transfer of...
thermal energy. 12B
Photosynthesis and the energy used in growth or foods are examples of...
chemical energy 12B
The flow of charged particles through a conductor...
electrical energy 12B
This type of energy doesn't need matter for transmission...
magnetic 12B
Energy that comes from splitting a nucleus or fusing several small nuclei together...
(discovered last) 12B
Newton's quantity of motion is now called...
momentum 12C
formula for momentum...

v=velocity 12C
Law of conversation of momentum...
momentum may be transferred from one object to another without a change in total momentum.
Momentum is directly proportional to the _____ of an object.
speed. This is why a small bullet can cause damage.